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Prostate Enlarged on Gel


Any help would be greatly appreciated here.
I've been on Androgel for 12 years and have an enlarged prostate at age 34. I'm gonna switch to frequent injections ASAP. Will this help? 2 pumps of androgen gets me TT numbers anywhere from 350 to 580. Was 376 last tested. What dose per week of T-Cyp will get me to the higher end of range? Not on an AI, and doubt I can get HCG, no matter how small my nuts get, in this fine State of NY.

Thanks for any input


Sounds like you need an AI.

Have a look at this thread.


I was on 100mg of Test a week divided into 3 equal doses. I developed Prostasitis (enlarged prostate). I felt like I had to pee every twenty seconds and it was unbelievably frustrating. 10 days of an antibiotic seemed to do the trick. I have since lowered my test to 60 mg a week with no re-occurance of the prostatitis. I haven't retested my numbers but I feel no different on the reduced dosage.


Thanks for the info Hook24, and thanks for the link PKNY, that thread might come in handy.
My prostate problems started gradually, but were there for a long time. My doc gave me fanesteride, but after one pill I didn't have an erection for a week. So, I researched alternatives to living with pissing all the time, or never having a sexual relationship again. I'm sure some would advise against this, but anyone with prostate problems should research Natural Progesterone cream. I started taking that and a few months later was suddenly able to hold it 3 times as long and evacuate for twice as long. I forgot what it was like to have a bladder, it was such a difference, so I have no question that it helped, but cut the dose because i think it is bringing on the fatigue I've been having.

I never knew Gels raised DHT more than shots, so of course I wanna switch to the shots. in blood work my Progesterone is still in the mid range? I thought it would be really high since I just wanna eat and sleep all the time, but my T and Free T are on the low end, so hopefully I can get that up without so much conversion.


Wow , 12 years. I know its been out a long time but most guys switch to the shots after a year or two. You will be just fine with the shots. I do one shot a week and really don't get the peak and valleys that most complain about. Three time a week is just too much pinning for most guys if you are doing IM's. As said before, you may need an AI but that would show up in your blood work.

As for the HCG, if you are not planning on having children later on in life don't worry about it.


I went to my urologist with prostatitis and I found out I was low on testosterone by asking him to add it to the lab work because I was curious since I'd had a steep drop in libido in the last 5 years. The recent 25mg 2x week cured all my prostate, urinary, and ejaculatory pains and seems to be recovering my hypertrophied seminal vesicles as well. From the research I've seen safe levels of testosterone (not at the high side or higher of normal) are not exactly linked to prostate hypertrophy/hyperplasia.

Testosterone treatments of afe levels have been shown to increase the size of the prostate but usually just to the normal size. Supraphysiological doses are the real threat for your prostate. If you move to injections I would avoid the 100mg doses as they will put you at the top end for a day or so. That said, any androgen is a potential threat for increased size of the prostate even if it is slight.

Maybe having some issues with the thing is just part of being over 30? How's your hygiene down there? Good blood flow, as in not wearing overly restrictive clothing or sitting down all day? Can you try improving circulation? I've found a warm-hot water bottle on my groin and massaging the testes and scrotum really help to relieve my restricted circulation. My body shape is such that all clothes are tight around my thighs and when my legs are together blood to my groin is cut off.


Thank you for the responses. I brought up HCG because I dont have any children and don't wish to have the opportunity to father my own, taken away from me. I wonder the importance of always being on HCG while on TRT or of HCG will restart sperm production later, when I'm trying to have kids?

12 years is a long time on gel, with little to no monitoring, I never had any clue what was happening with my hormones. Don't feel I really got any of the benefits of TRT. I will post my most recent test soon. Unfortunately I have little to compare it to. My DHT was above range, but not by much.

Wish I know what it was before I started taking every natural approach to stop conversion I could come up with. It might have been extremely high in the past. Having these prostate problems and sudden hair loss, where should I try to keep DHT levels? I see little on it, and know guys keep it high when they don't have these problems. I also worry if I ever got on an AI that DHT could go up as estrodiol goes down.

I do drive trucks for a living, so sitting all day might be a problem with circulation, but don't work a 40 hour week usually. Clothing is loose. Erections are normal, balls still hang usually. Had one shot a couole days ago given by my Doc, but insurance is holding up my script.


Test results a few weeks ago 11/7/2013

Estradiol 26 (

Progesterone .7 (<1.4)???? Same as last february, but was 1.0 in july when on higher dose of Progesterone

T3 total 127 (76-181)

DHT 86 H (16-79)??? No Past test to compare to

DHT Free 7.00 H (Adults 1.00-6.20)

T4 total 7.1 (4.5-12.0)

TSH 2.04 (.40-4.50)???.. 3.96 in july?. Doc gave me some GTA Forte herbal stuff, that I guess works

Total T 486 (250-1100)??? was 530 last feb 376 in july

Free T 72.9 (35-155)????. was 73 last feb also

So now I'm on injections MWF. Only a week now, hope to feel better soon. Same questions as above. Where do I want that DHT? Should I try to shoot for lower E? I'm using DIM. Nettle Root, Vitamin C, and fish oil, and dare I say That that may have lowered My E by 9 points? of course my T was a bit lower too, so maybe thats why. Be very interesting to see what happens on the shots. And back to the importance of HCG for feature fertility? I'm I gonna be screwed not using it now? doubt I can get it from any Doctor here in NY? not sure if they could if they wanted to here.


Bump... I actually did get HCG, but waiting for new blood work to start. Any thoughts on where to try to keep my DHT levels, with an enlarged prostate and thinning hair? Above range seems like a bad idea.


OK, Although I did get prescribed HCG. My prescribing primary Doc ignored my concern, that I should at least see where my E2 Landed after 8 weeks on 108mg test, divided 3 times a week SC. I was going to pay for an E2 test on my own while out of state (can't do BW in NY with out a script) but I asked my therapist if she could give me a script and she ended up checking much more (told her not to worry about FSH and LH, but she insist she knows things, and worries about how low they are? I informed her, I'm pretty sure if one was magically normal, that would indicate i have cancer? she has no clue (sorry for the side notes))

Quest Blood Labs on 1/7/2014

Estradiol 83 HIGH Estrone 68 SHBG 32 10-50
FSH <0.7 L 1.6-8.0
LH <0.2 L 1.5-9.3
Progesterone 0.9 <1.4
TT 719 241-827
FT 189.4 46.0-224.0
DHT 75 16-79
DHEA S 414 H 110-370
DHEA 397 61-1636
Prolactin 10.4 2.0-18.0
Vitamin B12 serum 684 200-1100
Vitamin D,25-OH,total 34 30-100
Vitamin D,25-OH,D3 34
Vitamin D,25-OH,D2 <4
TSH 1.58 0.40-4.50
T4 F-calculated 2.06 1.4-3.8
T4 Free 1.1 0.8-1.8
T3 Free 3.4 2.3-4.2
T4 Total 6.6 4.5-12.0
T3 Total 100 76-181
T3 Uptake 31.2 22.0-35.0
Thyroglobulin Antibodies <20 <20
Thyroid Peroxidase AB <10 <35

Note, I have still not started HCG. Want to, but not with that high E2. I'm glad I had a lot of these test done. Having my E2 jump up 57 points to 83 from 26 is scary and a need to know. This would never be checked if I didn't push for it. Besides that I'm happy with all other results, or at least the ones I understand. My TT has gone up substantially, My FT has over doubled, and very happy to see my DHT has gone done into normal range in the process, and my SHBG has gone down from a past test of 42 to 32.

I Put a call into my Doc for an AI, and said i didn't want to start the HCG without it. The nurse said that the doc said not to do the HCG then, and he'd call me back personally. 2 days and no response. I looked online and ordered some liquid Anastrozole. I'll probably still be able to get the pills from my Doc, but i'm impatient, and sick of not feeling right. Would seem safer of course to get a prescription than to take something that says? "not for human consumption", but the liquid does sound a lot easier to dose. What say any of you? I've read the protocols, and know, on average one would take 1mg apex per, 100mg Testosterone, per week in divided doses, but also heard that that 1mg usually cuts E2 in half. I cut down my T injections to total of 90mg per week now, so my guess is that 1mg apex per week will work for that, but once I do start to take Anastrozole, is it safe to add HCG at that point? Will the Anastrozole end up bouncing my DHT back up? I'd like to see it down a bit more if anything, so i'm thinking I'll do 200ius of the HCG and not the 250 to start, or should I start lower? Also wondering if all three meds in the protocol can be taken on a 3 times a week schedule, or is the Anastrozole's half life too short? Right now I'm only doing the T shots and keeping a schedule of Monday afternoon, Wednesday night, and saturday morning.

I've been taking Iodine and my body temp has actually reached over 98 the last two days. I've always been in the low 96s and have had readings as low as 94.3 with the same thermometer, and double checked. My TSH has gone from 3.96 to 1.58 between the Iodine and an herb my Doctor gave me "GTA-Forte". I know that number is looking better but not sure what i'm looking for in the rest of the test. I also wonder if the rise in temp could be from the high E2? I'm not actually warm (how could we be! This winter sucks) but I am sweating more, and pretty sure I smell more, as I almost never have a BO smell come through an antiperspirant in the past.

Any thoughts on the adrenal Hormones that were tested. DHEA sulfate is higher than other readings I have had in the past that were also above normal. I thought DHEA sulfate went down on TRT? And then My DHEA is on the lower end of normal though. What does that mean, don't we worry about that?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, or advice you can give.


Did I miss something with an enlarged Prostate they didn't check your PSA levels?


It was a gradual thing that has probably been going on for many years. PSA was tested a year or so ago when problems started getting bad and they were low, and in no way elevated at that time. Just got my liquids Anastrozole in the mail today. Deciding how to dose it now.


Hope your doing good, Dave. I'm in a similar boat with an enlarged prostate but low PSA levels. Did adding the HcG or AI help your prostate any? I'd love to hear an update from you and if anything you've found helpful for it.