Prostate Cancer at 35 Y/O, Now on TRT

I had my prostate removed just before i turned 36 due to having a PSA of 17 (normal is below 4) . The only way I found out is I was lifting and not gaining any muscle at all and I got curious if my testosterone was low, it was but that’s also where I found out the PSA was 17 and that lead to prostate being removed then radiation. Had to live with the low testosterone no erections at all and it’s probably not a coincidence no attention from woman at all.

Now I’m going to be 39 later this month my PSAs have been 0 for 2 years and I was finally after a 3 year journey get on TRT. It was not an easy journey my urologist would not put me on it until I was clear for 2 years, and I have trouble injecting myself and went to my regular doctor and he started the old saying from the 40’s that has been debunk “testosterone fuels the fire for prostate cancer” now I’ve had two urologists who had no problems giving it to me but I have to check my PSAs every 3 months instead of 6 which is fine.

I’m getting 200 mg but getting an inject every two weeks. I was just curious I saw people getting 160 or 200 a week. I realize my situation is probably different than most but I just wonder if I should be pushing my urologist for a higher dose. I’m also taking creatine and the usual protein powder but I also just got on cialis and it has made a WORLD of difference in erections and they say it helps testosterone too. I’ve been lifting about 6 weeks and I don’t know if I’ll ever be a muscular looking guy but I do think I look a lot better just a little more toned but will be patient with the process.

Anyway just wanted to share my story and see if anyone has any advice. If anyone my age or younger reads this and panics about prostate cancer don’t I’m an enigma every Doctor/Urologist involved has said I’m the youngest they’ve ever seen.

How do you feel on this protocol? Despite what you see on these forums this is not uncommon practice. I would advocate to start self injections and do them weekly though. Two weeks isn’t really ideal and little old school but still widely done. A large injection once every two weeks is going to cause large hormonal peaks and valleys.

As far as the total dosage goes, what do your labs show? Again, how do you feel on that dosage? A Urologist is going to be more conservative on dose size than a mens clinic. Mens clinics tend to overprescribe surpassing symptom relief doses and going straight to the top or more of lab ranges.

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Well it’s the only Dr’s office that will inject me and when I asked about doing weekly the receptionist said in a very gripy tone “nobody gets weekly injections of testosterone”. I tried self injecting I just can’t do it I followed youtube videos I end up injecting myself with air and last time some of it spilled out of the vial. So I think I’m stuck on every two weeks.

Well, there’s an IM injection technique call air-lock that injects a small bubble of air at the end to clear the syringe and help keep the medicine from leaking back out. I use it for my inj.

I don’t quite understand how you could have spilled anything out of a sealed vial. Occasionally I’ll get a small drop where I punctured the rubber top but that’s it, never any of consequence.

I think you can buy IM inj training kits to practice with. It’s not difficult, maybe if you have a problem with your coordination or hands.

To the question above how do you feel on the current protocol? If you feel okay just go with it for a bit. There’s no rush in any of this. You feel off/tired during the week heading into the next inj ask the doc what he suggests you do, or request a bit of a bump to maybe 250mg. Can’t hurt to ask. If they won’t work with you and you’re not feeling well, find a new doc for this part of your treatment.

What size needles were you using when you were trying to self inject?

We’ve learned here that insulin syringes can be used, which is a whole lot less scary looking IMO. It may help your chances of injecting yourself.

Is T helping like you hoped?

I mean I’m only about 6 weeks in 4 injections. I look more toned somewhat but I’ve always had trouble with bodyfat I’ve been over 30% most of my life right now I’m probably between 25-30% I’m guessing because I had lost some weight before starting the TRT. I see you guys talking about 10-12% I would be thrilled if I could just get to 20% body fat. With weight lifting these last 6 weeks and high calorie I’ve gone from 194 to 203 lbs. I don’t look like a total lard but I would love to get leaner.

I feel really good usually, but I do sometimes feel worn out like today I think it because of a hard workout last night. That brings me to my next question is it bad to do a weight lifting session then 20 minutes of HIIT back to back? I do that every other time I go which I go every other day so about twice a week. Should I do HIIT on seperate days, or don’t do HIIT or what are you guys thoughts?

And what do you guys think of my protein shake I put creatine, coconut oil, peanut butter and mix with almond milk. Good or bad?

I have no idea about doing the injections myself but I’ve tried multiple times and it was a disaster. I don’t know how it leaked either. Maybe I was using the wrong syringe IDK. But I just prefer someone injecting me. The stabbing myself part is not the issue it’s getting the damn liquid out of the vial.

It’s going to be another 2 weeks before your hormone levels stabilize, when that happens provided your levels are high enough, things should start moving faster.

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