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Proscars Effect on Gains


Has anyone ever noticed a decrease in gains or size when taking proscar during a test cycle? im taking 1000mg test EW currently and am prone to MPB. im trying to decide if its worth adding to my cycle.


i know of all sites someone here has some input, please?


You'd better have some strong anti-estrogens on hand, because taking a gram of test a week and Proscar concurrently will put your estrogen levels through the roof!


It shouldn't affect gains much since DHT is almost completely inactive in muscular tissue. I myself am taking proscar (1/4 tablet per day) during my cycle. However, it is, like bench said, a strong antagonist of estrogen, so lowering your DHT levels will cause some E sides.

I have a question though: Even if it did inhibit gains, would you actually consider losing your hair for a few extra pounds of muscle?


the main reason im not too excited to use proscar is due to the libido problems, which it does cause me. not knowing how intense the hairloss may be just leaves me thinking, if i just shed a few hairs and can keep libido and gains for 12 weeks then it would most likely be worth not taking proscar. But i much rather take it if it came down to me going completely bald.


Another thing to consider is decreased aggression with Proscar. Less DHT = less aggression = less lifting intensity. Obviously depends on your personality, but a thought.