Proscar with a cycle

Hello everyone!! I’m looking for suggestions on taking propecia (proscar 5mg) with my first cycle. How much, how often? I’m going to try the 3 week on 1 off, 2 week on 3 off short cycle. I’m scared the most of losing my hair!! I’m only 22…I don’t need to be going bald. Mother’s side of the fam is bald. Father’s side isn’t. I want to minimize my risk as much as possible. Also any suggestions on clomid and nolvadex dosages during this type of cycle. (btw, i won’t be on deca).

You’ll only need 1mg a day so cut your Proscar up into 4 or 5 pieces. Also, I think this only helps if you’re on Test, not other roids. I could be wrong.

I plan on taking t-cyp (300mg?) and d-bols (~200mg?) the first 3 weeks. Maybe just up the cyp to 500-600mg and no d-bols? I’m not sure yet. The last 2 weeks, hopefully some stanozolol and primo. It is my 1st cycle.

TEK’s right, about 1-1.25mg / day of finasteride will do the trick. I asked Bill Roberts some detailed questions about these dosages acouple of months ago, and that was his recommendation. The point about the T is also correct, as non-T based roids won’t reduce to DHT. BTW, Propecia is Finasteride at 1 mg/tab dosage and is much more expensive per mg than buying Proscar which is 5mg per tab. The tabs cut easily with a sharp DIY knife or something similar. Novaldex 10mg / day or Clomid 50mg/day would seem to be OK - however I use Arimidex and that really does the job, although from personal experience you shouldn’t take as much as some of the early articles and postings suggested. I take 0.5mg EOD and I’m still wondering if this is too much, although I no longer feel bad as I did on the same dose daily. Hope this helps. BTW, as a footnote some of the people on this forum would simply have said Use the Search Engine - try it! :slight_smile: