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Proscar/Propecia for Baldness, Good/Bad?

I want to run a first actual cycle & am in the research and planning stage right now. I am wanting to run 750mgs Test E ONLY cycle for 12-16 weeks, is that compound alone harsh on hair. Male pattern baldness runs in my family on my mothers side, her father was bald & my half brother is bald we share the same mother, even though we are half brothers we share many of the same characteristics we look very much alike share the same muscle bellies & insertions our abdominals muscles are identical. My father is 53 and still has a full head & his father is 80 & still has hair up top. I previously ran a prohormone stack at age 17, the steroids were 17aa- analogs of TBol & DBol. I suffered severe side effects from these drugs about 4 weeks in & I’m not sure if I can contribute it soley to those strange research chemical prohormone compounds. Hair loss was one of them, but my hair has grown back thicker and better since. I am just worried that Testosterone will cause me to go bald, even though it isn’t a DHT or nandrolone derivative. Though I understand Test can convert to DHT. I was curious maybe it was just those weird research chemical prohormones and maybe Legitimate Test E won’t cause side effects like that. I’ve talked to a lot of people personally that said those prohormones screwed them up side effect wise. I’m curious about Proscar, Dave Palumbo states he takes 2.5mg a day for the past 15 years. I’m concerned I’ve read disaster stories about Proscar and was wondering if 1.25mg dosage is enough? Anybody have experience with Proscar?

I was also told to give it about 4 weeks into cycle to allow my estrogen & DHT hormones to balance out normally instead of taking compounds off the get go and let my body naturally take control?


That is all

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Took it for two weeks, was worst two week in my life. It affects my mood very bad.

Accept your fate or use other hormones that safest for hair like deca, boldenon etc. Keep test at 100-150mg as base, run other compounds with it.

I’ve read horror stories that what scares me I don’t want to take it. What is a list of hair safe compounds. So just Test is obviously not hair safe then? So those other compounds are well known to not be harsh on the hair?

Man I swear it sounds like the good shit frys your hair out completely. Then the weaker shit doesn’t. I might just take my chances and run the 750mg Test E no proscar and take my chances. If I go bald then I’ll shave my brother looks good with a bald head. I’ll be bald someday anyways

None of them are safe for your hair if you’re genetically predisposed to MPB. You’re going to lose it anyway at some point, so you can decide if you want to accelerate the process or not.

But the worst offenders seem to be mast and winstrol. At least based on anecdotes. Obviously the DHT derivatives are on the no-fly list.

I’m pretty sure my brother was running Winnie plus he was huge 6’4 240lbs pretty lean and he lost the rest of his hair after coming off. He’s only 28 LOL! Whatever I almost don’t care I know I’ll be bald my hair line isn’t where it was when I was 16. I’m 6’00” 205lbs age 22 id probably be 190lbs lean. A huge plus my quads are naturally huge but I want them to be insane