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Proscar - how much for moderate cycle?

I asked Bill a multi-part question a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get an answer to the second part. I said I was going to use 0.5mg/day Arimidex with 500mg Sustanon / 400 mg Deca a week and asked whether I should also use Proscar, given that I’m in my 40s. Bill kindly responded with a qualified yes, also saying that the Proscar was less important with Arimidex but still worth doing. He didn’t say how much to use. So I obtained some Proscar but I’m still not sure how much to use. In particular I saw the letter in this week’s T-mag concerning the possibility that finasteride might inhibit gains and noticed that the advice was to keep the dosage down to 1-1.25 mg. That was for protection against hair loss however, and I’m interested in prostate protection - my hair’s already gone south.

So the question is - how much Proscar should I use for prostate protection (I don’t have a problem and don’t want one)? And is there any possibility of reduced gains with the higher dosages normally used for BPH treatment? I’d be really grateful for a response since I started my cycle yesterday.

One or 1.25 mg/day is also a good dose
for prostate protection when using testosterone. As I recall, in studies
for use in treating (androgen dependent) prostate cancer,
5 mg was really only a little more effective
than 1 mg, but since it was still safe
and being a little more effective with
cancer is a good thing, they went with
the 5 mg/dose. Loss of libido and so forth
is not considered so important when treating
conditions like that.

Bill - many thanks indeed for replying. Now to buy a pill cutter …