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Proscar for DHT stability

What is the protocol for Proscar administration to keep DHT level at a prostate-friendly level?

I suppose it’s predicated on the amount of steroids taken, but am unsure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jeff, Most docs reccommend 5 MG per day for “maintenance” but 10MG or so should be fine during your cycle unless you are using retardedly high levels of androgens. The active ingredient in Proscar (Propecia) is also used to treat male pattern baldness which can be exacerbated by androgen use as well. Make sure you read past posts and articles about ancillaries. You want to make sure you have all those in place before you ever think about starting a cycle unless you want to grow titties, lose hair, and have your prostate expand like a rising loaf of bread.

Not to hijack this thread, but has any one experinced a fall off in sex drive from Proscar?