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Proscar Benefits While on Cycle

Would ther be any benefits to using proscar while on cycle. By blocking dht wouldnt this help with some side effects. My receding hairline has gotten bad in the last two years since i started juicing. How would you take it its 5mg im thinking maybe half a day.

I’m surprised no one has chimed in with some advice since its pretty clear you did some research before posting that… :X

lmao!! that was funny Bone! hee!

i use i/2 a pill a day because it keeps me from losing hair. Other then that i don’t think there is any benefit.

Just wanted to hear from someone who has used it before. Has it hindered your gains any. Also it just prevents hair loss any new hair growth.

I am sure it will hinder sex drive and gains a little but I think if you value your hair it is worth it.

BTW - Proscar isn’t a DHT blocker. What I mean is Proscar will do nothing to stop hairloss if you are taking Masteron, Primo, Proviron, or any other DHT (also tren which is a 19-Nor but acts on the same receptors)…because it doesn’t bind to the DHT; it only stops conversion of Test to DHT (sort of like how adex stops conversion of Test to Estrogen).

You can still do test though and deca or EQ or lots of others, just no DHTs or Tren.

So can you take yhe proscar while taking tren and test instead of using a-dex just to stop with the conversion. I dont really like a-dex it sucks but ive been using the proscar for a week.

proscar only stops the conversion of test to DHT…it does nothing for estrogen conversion…for that you need adex, letro, or asin. conversly an AI will do nothing for stopping DHT conversion (and may actually increase hairloss if you take estrogen very low because I think estrogen has positive effects on hair). I know I lose a lot more hair on adex.

Proscar won’t do anything for tren because tren acts on the receptors directly rather than through a conversion to DHT so taking tren will have the same effect as taking a DHT based steroid.

PROSCAR ONLY BLOCKS THE CONVERSION OF TEST TO DHT (by binding to the reductase enzyme responsible for the conversion)…IT DOESN"T BLOCK DHT!

I have been using proscar since 1998 when winstrol started to cause my hair to get really thin and I was only 23 at the time. A few weeks after starting the proscar my training partner commented that my hair was back to normal, which it was. I have taken it ever since and have had no more hair loss.

I have used tren although it does not cause hair loss in everyone so I doubt the proscar is the reason I can use tren without loosing hair. As for my sex drive it is more than fine and my gains have always been steady. So my opinion would be that if you are prone to hair loss include the proscar.