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Proscar and the damn pill cutter!!!

Hey T-men, anyone out there have experience cutting Proscar pills into 1/5ths??? I got some over the internet (5 mg. each) with a blue pill cutter, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to cut it in 1/5ths without them crumbling! My hair started thinning (runs in my mother’s side of family) so I thought I would experiment with some Finasteride (same stuff in Propecia). I mean, the blue pill is not shaped in a perfect square, and it’s kinda small! The pill cutter basically has a V-shape funnel and the blade cuts a pill down the middle. Maybe I should let it crumble and throw some in my protein shake?

just cut the pill in 1/4s instead of 1/5s. Much easier to cut in half, and cut the half in half again. This will give you 1.25mg of finasteride per day instead of 1mg, however.

thanks superatlas…actually I thought of that but I was hoping to make my money stretch a little further by making it into 1/5ths. But I guess if I have to, I will! thanks man…

You could either just cut into quarters OR if you want to be really anal about it you could crush each pill into a fine powder then cut into 5 equal piles with a razor blade and a piece of glass. But if you choose the latter option you then have the problem of storing each portion of powder. BTW be prepared to explain yourself if anyone sees you with the mirror, blade and powder!!!

Bill Roberts refers to using 1 - 1.25 mg per day. I guess he was thinking about the difficulty of cutting up Proscar tabs when he didn’t just say “1mg”. I use a sharp DIY knife. Pill cutters are useless IMO. They don’t work too well on Arimidex either - been there, tried it, reverted to the knife.

I read on a hair loss web site, a dermatologist did not recommend Proscar because there are fillers in the tablet and dividing it into quarters would not give 1.25 mgs, you might get an uneven amount in every quarter. I use Proscar, I personally think he may have had other motives for saying that. If anyone knows if there are any fillers let us know!

Of course there is stuff other then the actual drug in the tablet (how do you think they made the powder stick together?). But, if they are not mixing the drug and glue together by hand (which I think is only done in trailer park X-labs), the mixture is even throughout. As far as the doctor, there is no doubt that he has OTHER MOTIVE$, since the unit cost of propecia is significantly higher then the unit cost of proscar (as TC notes, isn’t it funny how people are willing to pay more for the same product is it has cosmetic applications, as opposed to health applications?).