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Proscar and Nolvadex Questions


I just placed an order with the use of a Visa in case I need to charge back. I need to get a few additional items before I get started with the sus250 like proscar and nolvadex. I'm hesitant to place another order until I receive my first order, any idea if they are legit? Has anyone here used proscar? Did it work? Can I skip the proscar and just use the shampoo?

Sorry to all if the answers to these questions are in previous forums that I didn't find. Also because primabolin is so user friendly could I push 6 mos. on it?

Thanks, in advance,



I may have misunderstood, but are you seriously asking if Proscar is legit? It passed 12 years worth of clinical trials, got approved by the FDA, and got a patent. Does it matter what any of us think? Of course it works. I can type out the same paragraph for nolvadex but that would be redundant.

You seriously have to do a bit more research. Two minutes on google would have told you the truth about both of these compounds. Be careful about what you are doing with your body.

As for the proscar, don't order it. Just go ask for a prescription. If you show any signs of MPB you will get a Rx, it's a very safe drug.


As of not too long ago, it is illegal to import prescription drugs into the United States. Unless you order domestically, which won't happen, it is illegal. Just want to throw that out there.

I'm with Joey. Asking if Proscar and Nolva are legit seems very sophomoric. The shampoo may be a good idea if you're talking about Nizoral. If it seems like it isn't working then get a prescription of Proscar. Rogaine is quite expensive, so you would be better off getting Proscar to save money.

I wouldn't suggest anyone outside of experienced competitive bodybuilders use any AAS for a period of 6 months. If you actually are to that point of AAS use you would very likely not need to ask about it.


For some reason after I posted, my original subject changed. The legitimacy question was regarding eurobolic. I know that Proscar and the Nolvadex are real drugs of coruse. I've done quite a bit of research over the years. I am also aware of the fact that Proscar should not be handled by women who are pregnant or plan to be. And no I do not plan to be either, but those being the facts I figured I would ask someone who has personally used the drug with no sides whatsoever.

I wanted to find out if the shampoo for mpb was sufficient for hair retention on 250mgs/wk sus. What is best for blocking dht? Has anyone personally used Primo only? If so, how long can I safely push it with no sides?