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Pros vs. Joes?


Anyone see the previews for this??! It looks awesome! Now all the armchair quarterbacks can put up or shut up! From what I saw people sent in tapes claiming they could be pro football/baseball/basketball/whatever players and they come out and train and go one on one against some pros.

Bo Jackson, Jerry Rice, and Bill Romanowski were the guys I remember being mentioned. There was a clip of Romanowski fucking OWNING a guy into barricade! It starts sometime in March on Spike!


Sweet, hadn't heard of it.


jeeez-s! and how'd ya like to get hit by


brett asberhagen talked about bo jackson one time on jim rome's radio show

bo was a rookie with the KC royals, and the vets always pull pranks on the rookies

so their was a sheet cake in the locker room and brett goes and smells it and tells bo to smell it cause it smells weird. the idea saberhagen had was that he was going to push BO's head into the cake when he went to smell it.

he tried, and BO's head didnt move and Bo starts chasing saber around the table, finally Bo gets sick of chasing him and jumped over the table

saberhagen ate the cake


Bo Jackson,the best damn athlete I've ever seen.Even being over 40 and his metal hip,he'd still beat the shit out of most athletes in their 20's.


He got BIG after he opened that restaurant.


I haven't seen him in a couple of years,has he gotten fat?


One of my enduring moments of childhood was watching him strike out, and then snap his bat like it was a toothpick. Ridiculously strong


Wasn't that awesome.I remember going to a Memphis Chicks game(the AA team for the Royals)in 86 when I was 9,and he prompted to hit the longest homerun in the history of that stadium.If he hadn't gotten hurt,he probably would be in both Canton and Cooperstown.


Planting The Boz in the endzone was a magic moment.


I want in on this gameshow