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Pros Offseason Diet?

hello every one

I notice pro body builders in off season at 70’s and 80’s …they say it in plain english… They eat whatever they like as it said ( see food diet) but in 90’s and now days what they eat in off season? Now days they say they eat clean in off season but in guest posing they look soft as they eating whatever they like… They eat what they like? And i wonder how long is the off season??

That seems like a highly individual thing. As for appearance, they are softer than contest condition because contest condition is a critical and very difficult state to achieve. It’s entirely unhealthy and would be extremely difficult to maintain for an extended period. There are also some big differences between mid single digits body fat (contest) and even low teens (10-12%),so even a guest appearance at mid or low teens body fat is going to look drastically different than day of the show.

really? EVERY 70’s and 80’s bodybuilder says this? That’s stupid. Not true.

Since the beginning of bodybuilding, SOME competitors stay in good shape in the offseason, some don’t. Some competitors actually lose weight in the offseason, and grow into their shows. Some add 50 lbs, and then lose it again. Kevin Levrone, a competitor from the 90s and 2000’s, was at his heaviest/biggest in contest. Franco Columbo did the same thing in the 70’s and 80’s.

Meanwhile, guys like Ronnie would balloon up well over 300 lbs in the offseason.

Everyone approaches the sport differently. You gotta figure out what works for you. I know if I competed, I’d never balloon up because I don’t get fat easily. But I have a friend who competes, as was 40 lbs heavier than his contest weight just 2 months after competing. Looked fat as fuck.

Got the point…thank u guys…

I’ll throw in that with the widespread use of insulin, you’ve got more guys trying to force food in during the off-season, so while it doesn’t explain every out of shape pro you’ve seen, it MIGHT be a factor.


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