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Pros/Cons/Use of BCAA's?


I have heard them used during fasted cardio to preserve muscle, but is there anything else?

Pros/Cons/other uses? Experiences?


I use then during training sessions, both weights and MMA. I took around 10g before my fasted cardio sessions a few months ago.




search function home skillet! Use it.

They are good. Starnes just wrote that if you arent under 15% BF you shouldnt really worry about it. I use em for fasted days or fasted workouts. I believe they work well depending on the product.


I use them when training fasted (which is rare). Based on some things I've read from a couple sources I trust, using BCAA in a fed state is a waste of money.


Not sure if this is true but I've heard that BCAA supplements can increase anxiety? Look into it if you're concerned.

I've used them during workouts and definitely felt less sore the next day, loved using them actually!


I have heard of BCAAs used during fasted lifting, given the effect of heavy lifting on muscle fibers

I have heard of those with an excessive and irrational fear of muscle loss during fasted cardio

I have NOT yet heard of anyone who would equate the demands of heavy lifting with the "demands" of low-intensity cardio, fasted or otherwise


I take a handful in between meals when Im in the kitchen....sometimes I use regular type BCAAs for those times between meals, and then pre/during/post workout I take a big ol handful of Poliquin BCAA Excellence which is much higher in Luecine....I sip a light carb:protein drink during hard training, and wash down the BCAAs with that prior to, in middle of, and right after workout....totally helps recovery....

If I were more on a budget, Id focus more on eating as much protein through cheap food sources, and just pound a good quality whey protein supplement....

Since college 15 years ago, Ive always been a fan of BCAA during training with light carb:protein mix....EAS pulled it years ago but had a drink called Endurathon which was great, and Id mix in some Mushashi BCAAs with it (but Mushashi doesnt sell in USA anymore)....

Yea Ive read about the guys on here who felt negative mental side effects....Ive never experienced that, and I eat BCAA caps and EFA pills like candy anytime I remember to in the kitchen when Im home. I say pound BCAA, EFAs, and Vitamin C as much as you feel like


I didn't know there were cons to bcaa's?
Even in a fasted state.

Personal xp, I don't do fasted cardio. I have a couple of times with really low intensity.
Then end up drinking a shake halfway thru, and increase the intensity.

Id suggest taking the bcaa's as soon as u wake up. Give it 10-15 minutes for your body to wake up. (Think about ur spine and its fluid right now) by that time the bcaa's will be in or close to in ur bloodstream.

Start with a really low intensity, then do what you like.

Research is the key here :slightly_smiling:

Some amino acids will def. benifit you more than others.
Establish what you want to accomplish with taking aa's and research them. They all have different qualitys.


I use BCAAs during my morning workout, sometimes in the afternoon session if I am not eating right afterwards. They make a difference for me. I have found about 20g is pretty good, probably will bump it up soon. I have also found them useful when I am doing manual labor all day. Pop some with every new bottle of water.

I use BCAAs in lieu of protein because of a casein intolerance. Before, I loved Surge Recovery.


Plenty of good uses. Depends on your goals and condition. Lots of info already on the site about this so go read about it.

Only cons are, like any supplement it can be wasted if used unecessrily/innefectively and the powdered form is bitter.


yes, the wasting is what i worry about. i have 4/1/1 bcaa and have heard many conflicting info on it. what is it primarily used for? because of the extra leucine, some say to use it not with meals, and ive also heard some say use it with meals. some say 5g, others say 10g. very confusing!


Check the recent BCAA thread.

BBB said that a better amino acid supplement routine would be 10g leucine followed by 10g of EAA's 15 minutes later.


seen research which says bcaa's spike insulin, there is a brand which doesn't though.


The only "con" is that it cost money


I agree

and that avi pic is awesome. +1


that brand is either
A. full of shit
B. lying about the bcaa content of their product
C. adding fats or fiber which wouldn't make sense for workout nutrition in most cases