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Pros/Cons of Scrotal T Cream?

For those of have to currently use it…good and bad parts?

I had a tough time on T prop from the ups and downs and I fear the cream could do the same.

Why would you use T Prop for TRT? Seems less than ideal for many reasons.

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Wanted to try it to experiment with different doses in shorter time. Some people claim more energy and less water retention.

Didn’t like it at all.

The pros to scrotal cream is you achieve success much faster than the 6-8 weeks it takes on injections, the scrotal cream isn’t going to work for everyone. I think Test prop would be too intense for me considering I am a fast responder to TRT.

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Yea it was way too fast. It only came in handy after a dr suggested lowering my T dose to control prolactin, and I needed something to pull me out of that hole fast.

The spikes felt like they were throwing me into some sort of mania. It was insane.

I don’t feel any spikes on the cream at all. Saying that you get less control wits dosing since is by a click.

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Only problem I had with cream was the application. Waiting for it to dry and worrying about it washing off or rubbing off within the 4 hours post application was a little too much for me. So saying that, it was too much of an inconvenience versus injecting. I inject daily, but now I can inject and hop in the shower, go swimming or have sex with my wife 5 minutes later and not worry about it. As to how I felt, I felt just as good on cream as I do injections. Maybe I had a slightly higher libido due to the higher DHT, but libido is not an issue I have had to deal with pre TRT or post TRT so if there is a slight difference it is not a big thing to me personally.

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I was just talking to my DR about the cream. Do you have a link to the actual product ir the manufacturer name by chance? Thank you