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Pros/Cons of 10ml Sus in One Day?


What are the Pros and Cons of taking 10ml of sus in one day? 10 separate 1ml hits in 10 separate places?


Many lols were had in the reading of this post


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Why would you take 10ml (2,500mg) of Sus in one day??? R u doing a super-high "Boressen" type cycle? R u takin anything else? How long r u plannin on doin this?


Definitly pop 1000 mgs of Anadrol right after your injection to get a good pump.


And a handful of d-bol preworkout


I actually did a cycle similiar to this, But I used Deca instead of sus250 and i did 5ml EoD for 5 weeks and got amazing results, raised my pushups to 50 and can run a mile in 8 min now. My only recommendation is to take in alot of carbs for muscle so i would recommend eating at least one Wendy's Baconater a day. Good luck!


Add some tren too, but use the cattle pellet form! Its cheaper!


No! Use the methylated version of tren, methyltrienolone! It's 30,000 times stronger than methyltest, I hear! Take with vodka and lead-based paint until you piss blood.


Funny this nonsense came up. I used to know a couple of knuckleheads in the mid/late 80's who would shoot a full 10ml bottle of cyp every week plus their handful of orals. You could pick up a 10ml bottle for like$10. I still can't believe they survived, they were so stupid.