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Pro's And Tattoos


I made a post on one of the article discussions today, infact it was just a few minutes ago. But it got me thinking, and I want people to share their thoughts on this.

Why is it that I hear a lot of hate towards pro bodybuilders who wear tattoos? The one in my mind is Lee Priest, and he gets a lot of flack for having some paintings on his body.

I think tattoos can add character - that is if it's a GOOD and TASTEFUL tattoo, and not that tribal crap you see everywhere.

I see skinny dudes wearing tattoos, and nobody seems to disrespect them for it, but when a dude with big muscle slaps one on to his arm he is labelled a 'meathead', or something else. What gives?


I dont have a problem with tattoos. But in the scope of bodybuilding, the appearance of your body is your sport, so it could be a foolish decision I guess. Although even the whitest bodybuilders paint on such a thick tan and oil that you cant see tattoos anyways.


I wasn't aware anyone had a problem with any tats Lee had except for the one on his face.

Personally, if you are a celebrity, I don't think it matters if you have a facial tat. If most people wouldn't know you, I think it's a poor choice unless you plan on never needing another job in this lifetime.


Tattoos, at least on white guys can blur some definition if large and or dark enough. That's being really nit picky though and I happen to like tattoos, didn't seem to hurt Dorian too much.


I loved Dorian, but I think he had hit tat changed once he achieved a certain degree of success. A lot of people interpreted it as a skinhead tag.



My dad was tellin' me that he had S K I N H E A D tatted across his fingers from his old hooligan days, but got it removed or had it painted out for shoots or something like that. Don't know if there's any truth to that but jus tryin' to contribute...


I know that he had a boot and the words "My England" on his forearm.


I don't know what that means. Elaborate?


I think that will change in the next decade or so...MAYBE. But it's pretty much spot on. having a tattoo anywhere easily visible is pretty much a great way to work at starbucks.


i have two but i can hide em both with a t-shirt. I love em. I want alot more. I like having art on me man its wonderful.

My shoulder one isnt exaclty body builder friendly (covers some striations) anyway but im not sure im ever gonna do a show anyway.


the ink i have planned (been sitting on the design for past few yrs to be POSITIVE i want it) are easily hidden as long as i have my shirt on.

i think when done right they can accentuate your figure, appear masculine, and somewhat intimidating... face it unless you're a professional athlete or make money off of being muscular, muscle is just for peacocking purposes anyway.

if they're good and for a purpose or mark an event, they'll also have a personal and nearly spiritual connection to you...

I can see how it is a bad thing in bodybuilding though. Its distracting if nothing else.

Reverse it.

If you see an ugly, sloppy lookin chick with a tattoo its unattractive. But you kind of just gloss over it because she's 'whatever' to begin with. (like a tatt'd skinny guy)

if you see a hot chick with a tatt, it can be sexy. (like a well developed guy with a GOOD tatt)

if you see a hot chick with tramp stamp or otherwise not unique tatt it can be a huge turnoff... and indicitive of negative personality traits imo. (like a well developed dude with a dumb tatt- who in turn becomes a meathead instead of "well developed")


I doubt it will change much. there are many people who jsut think tatoos are either trashy or stupid trendy. I'm more of the stupid trendy category. I don't care if someone has them, but I don't want to see them.

I'd have a hard time hiring someone who had them displayed. Some people just don't like them and it's a turnoff. You don't want to lose business so someone else can look cool.


Ah yes the EVER LASTING JOB STOPPER :slight_smile:


I have no clue if Yates actually has that tattoo, but think of it this way... What if a white dude from Louisiana had a tattoo that said 'MY SOUTH' on it. Yea. In other words, it's a racist tat.


What I meant is who is he trying to keep out of "his england"? I'm assuming the boot means kick them out. I don't have any knowledge of the historical context for this.


From my time in the UK I can strongly remember a lot resentment from whites toward Pakistani people.

I don't how blacks and whites perceive each other in the UK, though I would guess that since the 'Moors' have been in the UK longer than the USA has existed it can't be a worse situation than what it is in this country.