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Pro's and Gyno


How come we never hear of the pro's getting gyno? (Cutler, Coleman) They take truckloads of juice and you'd think they would have gyno coming out of every orifice.

Do they get gyno surgery often? Or is there PCT perfect?


I would suspect that those that have made it to where they are simply don't display a lot of the side effects and they aren't prone to it.

Not everyone gets gyno, not everyone balds, etc.

But it's a very interesting thought.


Have you seen a pic of Coleman? Time to see Dr Nadler. Not long ago Badel was sporting a C cup.


I think it is for many diferant variables we don't spot it often because it was prevalent in the 80's Christian had it bad, I think genetics increased knowledge and better chemistry as well as cosmetic surgey but not as much as some people may beleive have all had alot to do with it. Because even at the amateur level its not as bad as it used to be.

Just my humble observations.


Maybe it's because they've been doing it for such a long time, they got their stacks and pct down pat. Plus, if they do get it, all they got to do is get it removed before they step on stage. Plus, some only compete once a year, therefore they have enough time to recover from the surgery before they step on stage.


What are you guys talking about? Pro Bodybuilders don't use. Do they?



I think you hit the nail on the head. Has their been any books or manuals written from previous successful bodybuilders on how to take steroids the right way as well as their workout routines?


If you see photo's of Ronnie's first win at the Olympia you will see his gyno on his left pec. Atleast it was his left as I remember, but it was his first win. Was that '99 or '98?


it was 98,I have some pics, its possible but hard to tell.


I've always wondered why most pro's don't talk about their use after they retire. It's not as if they have to appeal to the ignorant masses anymore to sell magazines. But, most just don't like to admit it, something about more ignorant bastards thinking that it's only steroids that make a champ. Even then, these assholes on some boards would just scream bullshit if they heard some pro's only used only 2 or 3 AAS per cycle (not including pct tho) and wouldn't even believe what the pro would say. Whether I believed him or not, I would buy a "how to guide" by Ronnie Coleman in a heart beat!!


I'm pretty sure it's not some sort of big secret. If you keep your estrogen low by using an AI, you won't get gyno. Plus some people just arent' prone to getting it. I've run up to a gram and only dosed femara like every three days and have been fine. I wouldn't do it again because wether or not I'm showing signs of it (gyno) I'm sure my estrogen levels are high enough to cause shutdown, making for a harder pct.


I'm actually having trouble preventing gyno, even though I'm taking 1ml of letro ed and 10mg of nolva ed I still feel sorness, sometimes itching. But It's ALOT better than it was pre letro. Some people say they gets a little synsitive and puffy during cycle but when they come off they return to normal.


I think anyone with common sense doesnt write about illegal things they did. Most tool bag "steroid" authors do a few years in jail, including some that post here. Although the top pros could sell alot of books, they already made good bank, why piss off the DEA.

Also, u would be amazed how bad their protocals are. I have talked to several "elite" atheletes who never come off and take over a gram a week. The price they pay for fame. There is no PCT for the pros, HRT.