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Pros and Cons of Being a Cop?

Who in the real world gets to steal from its customers a paycheck, carry a gun, enforce ridiculous laws, and then be called a hero for it?

And yet racketeering is illegal…[/quote]

I hope you’re kidding. Either way, this post is not very helpful.

Who in the real world gets to steal from its customers a paycheck, carry a gun, enforce ridiculous laws, and then be called a hero for it?

And yet racketeering is illegal…[/quote]

You are a waste of oxygen.

I’m thinking about becoming a police officer as well, for some of the same reasons as you. I’m not a desk jockey, I can’t sit at a desk all day and just… exist.

If you’re an honest guy, I say go for it. I’m sure your experience in law will help you move along.

[quote]bunny7568 wrote:
Who in the real world gets to steal from its customers a paycheck, carry a gun, enforce ridiculous laws, and then be called a hero for it?

And yet racketeering is illegal…[/quote]

only because no one listens…

in all seriousness, I have friends that are on the force and they are getting out as soon as they can because of the generally unethical behavior that is so rampant among their peers.

Chain of command is really a noose.

Screw authority!

If you want to, I agree that the background in law would probably make you a better cop. That said, I have heard that it is mostly boredom with a little excitement.

And if you do decide to go for it, don’t pull stunts like this:

Con: Spending most of your day making other people feel like shit by enforcing arbitrary laws can’t be good for your karma.

Chris Shugart would become a cop, and hez got dem hawt abz.

Take a plunge. You’re already here aren’t you? That means that you know the right thing to do.

Man I would say find a better area in law that doesn’t make you feel so miserable.

I have respect for regular street cops, yet if I did choose to work in a field I would probably work in Border Patrol or DEA. That’s where all the excitement is. Drugs and illegal firearm dealers are rampant and it’s something that’s not going to go away unfortunately.

I’m the son of a police officer so I have a mildly different view.

Yes, It’s an incredibly rewarding job at times, but
on a day to day basis most of the people you come into contact with really don’t want to see you, and show you little to no respect. You are around people who are the worst of the worst everyday and if you’re not careful it will rub off on you. My dad says the worst part about his job is dealing with the same shitheads day in and day out because our justice system is over worked and incredibly flawed.

Police Officers have a very high spousal/child abuse rate. The stress is so high that alot can’t leave it at work. I’ve seen alot of my fathers fellow officers treat there family like shit. The best Officers I have seen have something else that they love that they can put there energy into when not at work. Another negative about being a police officer is it has a huge impact on your children. Cops kids usually end up one or two ways: either a fuck up or end up just like that parent. Too many times have I seen friends take the wrong path because they wan’t attention or are rebeling against there cop parent.

My dad absolutely loves his job and would never think about doing anything else. Its is absolutely gratifying for him. And there are very few professions where you can feel like your making an actual difference in the world. Alot of people really are thankful for what they do. My dad has saved many many lives. He once delivered a baby… I’m not sure of the exact circumstances… But that was about 15 years ago and that family still sends pictures and updates on his “other daughter”

I’m sure there are many many other positives that I’m forgetting, that the other officers will be able to clue you in a little better than I. You seem like you have already chosen, and if you have children one day I’m sure they will be as proud of you as I am of my father. I too will probably join the ranks of the blue brotherhood as soon as I’m out of the Military. Good luck with whatever you choose, and if you have any further questions feel free to PM me.

Much thanks to the OP for starting this thread.

I am also considering a career in law enforcement upon finishing my Masters and this thread has provided a great deal of insight into the decision-making process.

Personally, I am torn between pursuing a career with a Federal agency or simply just a local department as a Constable. The idea that I will have virtually no input as to where I will live/work (at least for the first 3-5 yrs.)is a turn-off of going to the fed. level.

Anyways, good luck to the OP and thanks again to everyone for their input!

Eic, I’m in the same predicament as you. I PMed you, and any response you have would be appreciated. thanks.

women like cops
good salary
benefits etc.
holidays for heroes

easily sued
disrespect from the general public
shift work
you have to go in on your days off to finish paperwork, or go to court
promotions are political

[quote]lixy wrote:
Chain of command is really a noose.

Screw authority![/quote]


Season 3 coming soon!

sorry for multiple posts!

ALSO, this is just something i heard/read about, but a lot of cops get PTSD and it stays.

i know it’s april fools day, but must we keep bumping all these old threads?

ive heard that its mostly boring and they dont like to hire people that are too intelligent. dont know if thats true or not, but based on my experiences i wouldnt be surprised.

if you want to make a difference, if you are a lawyer, start your own practice, limit your hours, and then start volunteering in your free time. you can choose how much money you make and choose to help people that are grateful for it rather then breaking up bar fights, so making more money without being bored silly for 7 hours of your 8 hour shift.

if you were a bully in grade school/high school, are a hardcore racist, love jumping to conclusions, and feel the need to overcompensate for a lot of things, then police work is a perfect fit

I’m a police officer in Canada, so to the OP my advice may not be totally applicable, but I thought I could offer my opinion based on my experiences as a police officer.

My experiences with being a cop have been amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who has spent some time seriously considering it as a career.

For pros I would say that it is very challenging. One of my favourite aspects of being a cop is you never know what is going to happen. Every situation is different and you always have to use your head to solve the issue. It is also very exciting a lot of the time. One second you could be writing a report in your car and a second later flying down the road responding to some unpredictable situation.

People often assume that you are disrespected by the general community but in my experience we are liked by generally every law abiding person which is the vast majority of the community. People smile and say hi when we walk past and are generally very friendly. The people that don’t like us are usually criminals and I really couldn’t give a shit about these people anyway. It is very rewarding to arrest someone who victimizes good innocent people.

Being a cop also appeals to similar type of people. It is very team oriented so it draws a lot of ex-athletes who miss being part of a team atmosphere. Generally the people I work with are awesome and I’ve made some great friends.

Also, your education will only help you become a better member. I don’t have your level of education but I do have a University degree and it has helped me a lot with my work.

I also wouldn’t worry about the stress of the job. If you are able to leave the job at the office this shouldn’t be an issue for you whatsoever. We get lots of time off, the pay is better than most people assume, and the joys of the job far outweigh the negative aspects.

This is getting long so if you or anyone else thinking about becoming a member want to PM me go ahead and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or just ask a question in this thread.

Pro: Beat up hippies, legally.