Pros and Cons Muay Thai

Hey everybody I got a dilemma. I’m goin back to muay thai soon and I know it’s A LOT of hard work, and it builds tremendous endurance (ive done the class beefore) there is also a world K-1 fighter who got bronze teaching also. Some really good fighters and everything, real solid place.


  1. I really don’t want to just start losing my mass and strength levels.

  2. It will be really hard to bulk with the amount of work they do, also lifting weights. I’ve done it before and tried to lift weights at the same time and it lead to huge burnout. Anyways I really want a 365 bench and a 475 squat with a 525 deadlift.

Should I just wait until I hit my goals with the numbers and gain some more mass that I wanted and then go back or yeah…what do you all think?


You have to periodize

theres a thing called interference, when endurance interferes with strength. The thing is endurance always wins out, theyre not sure for the reasons behind it.

Thats why you periodize, you train strength for say 6 month and do endurance for the 2 months leading up to your fight shoul you know when it is. and you NEVR do strength and endurance the same day

One word: Sagat

The Emperor of Muay Thai and he’s got plenty of muscle mass. He’s also seven feet tall.

How often would you be doing Muay Thai? And for how long? I used to do Muay Thai for around 1 1/2 years, so I know where your coming from. Although it is difficult to add mass, you will gain NO fat in the process and in all honesty, probably be better physique wise. It is pretty much impossible to make the kind of strength gains you would otherise though.

IMO you should go for it, I still miss Muay Thai and I haven’t been at it for two years now. Plus it is good for “street” fighting and MMA, if you ever want to go down that path.

Jerome LeBanner… Look at the man… :slight_smile:


[quote]WolBarret wrote:
One word: Sagat

The Emperor of Muay Thai and he’s got plenty of muscle mass. He’s also seven feet tall.


haha yessss, damn i haven’t played street fighter alpha 3 for playstation in years lol.

I’d probably go to muay thai 3x a week, I definaetly wanna go down the MMA path eventually because tehre is also submission wrestling and such there. Jerome LeBanner is a beast yes lol. I also like Ray Sefo.

On the other hand the conditioning they do there is pretty much constant, of course some days are a lot harder than others, and others its more technique rest a little more etc. but yeah I think I’ll go soon, I can’t go before I get my licence cause I need to drive myself cause it’s kinda far.

So I would be going in around 2-3 months from now. I’ll see how it goes, but for sure I’m going.

honestly if you get enough calories you can keep ur mass… strength gains will come but they will be slower than you’re used to.

IMO, keep the strength training for a few months but tone it down to a maintenence level… hell consider it just the time to build up your work capacity.

work your conditioning a lot, that way you can tolerate lifting and muay thai eventually.

After 2-3months of that (maybe less) you can lift again and make decent strength gains and even size gains if you get enough calories… more carbs and protien for every training session you would have that day.

Im lifting, doing MT and BJJ right now, and I can manage it but I built up my work capacity like a mofo.

Only problem i still have to deal with every now and then is tendonitis in my elbows/forearms from striking.

So make sure you

  • wrap your hands WELL

  • warm up WELL

  • maybe use bengay/tiger balm to warm up your joints also

  • ice after practice if you need to

  • wear neoprene sleeves where gets sore from training especially when lifting.

  • this seems counterintuitive, but extra workouts (louie simmons style) will help a ton, especially if you have an office job. Take a strong mini band with you and do a couple hundred tricep pressdowns, and pull throughs, do some skier squats against a wall, shadowbox a few minutes, etc. get those nutrients to ur muscles and helps you from being stiff. But again watch out this could possibly lead to overuse so use sparingly but keep it in mind as an option.

Anyway your goals are entirely possible, just hard to manage and you have to know your body really well. Like K.A. said though, huge benefit is that you won’t gain much adipose tissue at all (if any).

I train Muay Thai twice a week and hit the weights 3 times a week and I seem to be getting away with it.
One thing I have noticed is that hitting the weights on Monday night then training MT early tuesday morning works better than waiting until tuesday night.

DOMS has yet to appear and I feel fresher for wednesday evening weights.
This may not be an option at your club but if it is give it a go. The other plus is that morning classes at my club are smaller so you get more attention from the coach.
Good luck.

It depends. My gut says you should go for it if you really enjoy it, and that if you eat enough and sleep enough you can do it. But I understand that it’s extremely difficult to accomplish.

On the other hand, if your first priority is your martial art, then don’t sweat it if your progress in the weightroom is slow.

well yeah the thing is im still in highschool but im graduating this year. haha im actually working in construction with my dad so I think thats some good active recovery right there and I pretty much know I’d be going to bed at 9pm every night cause the mornings are real early.

I think I’m going to wait till I’m 18. I have 6 months then to just keep training, and by that time I’ll have adjust to the new sleeping patterns working with construction and get started on that. I’m definatly going to go for it, I just attended 5 title muay thai fights last night and it just made me want to do it so much more.

It’s been a few years since I trained in Muay Thai, but I had no problems with strength training 3x a week and thai boxing 3x a week. Yeah strength gains slow down, but they don’t stop. And your bodyfat just disappears. After about 6 weeks on that schedule my abs looked the best they have in my entire life.

[quote]Rah-Knee wrote:
It’s been a few years since I trained in Muay Thai, but I had no problems with strength training 3x a week and thai boxing 3x a week. Yeah strength gains slow down, but they don’t stop. And your bodyfat just disappears. After about 6 weeks on that schedule my abs looked the best they have in my entire life.[/quote]

Yeah, I’ve just decided to start it. Sometims I get too concerned with strength and recovery and like I won’t do certain things cause I don’t want it to hinder my recovery or strength. I’ll probably lay off intensity of weights for a while, and I’ll start of muay thai slow because I’ll just be getting into work in construction, so I’ll start at 2x a week, then move up to 3x. When I used to fight I get really compulsive and practice at home, shadowboxing, practicing skills all the time and always thinking about it so I know that won’t be a problem, I’m like that now wih the weights lol.

I’m also starting eearlier and not waiting till I turn 18. Why wait? I can have 4 months of muay thai traning already instead of waiting 4 months you know. So in a month and a bit I start cause schools done. CANT WAIT!

I’m a 5 time pro and love muay thai

When your worried about losing your “gym” strength when making a decision like this, think about the functional strength and conditioning and skill you will get.

I know 16 year olds that weigh 130 that would end a fight with a the strongest power lifter with one leg kick…so try and keep things in perspective.

What are your numbers now?

[quote]DaMadMonk wrote:
What are your numbers now?[/quote]

who’s #'s? what #'s?

[quote]earlsman wrote:
DaMadMonk wrote:
What are your numbers now?

who’s #'s? what #'s?


From the Thread Starter… he said he wanted to lift a certain amount, but didn’t say what he does currently.

340 bench, 445 squat, and 500 deadlift.

Those lifts are raw also by the way. I also used to train in submission wrestling and a little muay thai, so I know what it’s like. It’s hard traninig and I like that a lot.

The perspective thing about 130 pound kids knocking a powerlifter out n such I would say is true. Maybe a bit heavier though lol but they definaately can lay down the pain. I’ve boxed before and such so my hands are my power and I really want to utilize everything. (elbows, knees, etc.)

It doesn’t look like your too far off your goals.

I would recommend that you work on some imbalances when your doing MT. Look in the archives for Charles Poliquin’s article called Structural Balance (I think that what it was called). He has lift percentages for upper body movements to ensure that the everything is balanced.

For Deadlifting and Squat, don’t think there is an article for percentages. I would try different movements though (power cleans, variations of good mornings, box squats etc). Your probably better off reading articles by Dave Tate for that.

I can only assume without looking at your training history that you have been benching, deadlifting, and squating for a long time. Work on other lifts that support these while your in MT. Once you go back to Bench, Squat, and Deadlifting, you’ll be more prone to increasing your numbers then.