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We give all these props to t-mag, but seldom do I hear a good old self pat on the back, so hear it is. Thank you everyone for your ever so varying opinions and input. Without you guys, I doubt t-mag would be nearly as interesting. Besides, what the hell are we supposed to do between Fridays? Read books?

I’ll second that! - thanks to everyone who contributes. - Matt

I’ll third that! Thanks to everyone.

Got to agree there! Actually, I’ll take it a bit further, and get out something that’s been on my mind for a while. Now, I haven’t been reading T-Mag for long (didn’t know it existed until just prior to Xmas), but have been posting an increasing amount in the forum and find it an excellent communication medium. All the people here are very helpful, insightful, and make many thought provocing comments. But the most “refreshing” thing of all, is the fact that there’s practically “NO” flame postings, or cruel/hurtful things put up against others. To further these thoughts, I also get the feeling that I’m part of some kind of welcoming community of like-minded T-Folk. I find I’m actually getting a true feeling and appreciation of personality types of the regular posters, perhaps a type of kinship to the T-Folk on the other side of the monitor screen.

So, to all of you that post on the T-Forum, I commend you on building on the T-Mag success of building a truly high quality Website and Web-presence.

Cheers, Mark.