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Props To The Biotest Store Team!


I placed my order over the weekend. I went with the cheap 3-day delivery and guess what - I received it today (Wednesday). The Metabolic Drive bars are good too! talk about timing, I just ran out of Surge and it was waiting for me when I got back from the gym. Props to the Biotest team, yo!



I ordered Surge and ZMA on Sunday and got it today. I agree, the Metabolic Drive protein bars are very tasty! They're alot better than the MesoTech bars I bought once. I'm not using the ZMA and Surge yet, I'll start when I get back to my heavy training (Coach X GPP right now), but still, mad props to Biotest!


i got one that tops that. i ordered two tubs of Metabolic Drive on thursday around 6 pm..and i got it the next day at 3 pm. best part was i used the cheapest shipping method possible! fastest shipping time i've ever had


do you live next door to Tim Patterson?