Props to powerdrive

Powerdrive is a big hit! Initially, I wondered just how well this product would work. After giving it a true test, I can attest to it’s efficacy and it has enhanced my performance greatly!
The biggest difference? I can “feel” the muscles contracting with each rep like never before! A mental boost along with a greater capacity to focus and zero in on the training.

As usual, another Biotest top notch product! Thanks guys!


Powerdrive’s good stuff. I normally train in the evening, so I don’t use it for training, but if I take it in the morning, I can totally dominate the office foosball table.

I used it to help me pass a french 4 final so I could graduate college. Thank you Power Drive!

Unfortunately, it does nothing for me. I read all the great reviews and decided to try it, but I haven’t really noticed anything. While I generally like Biotest supps (especially Surge), this one probably won’t make my reorder list.

Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be switching to morning (o’dark thirty) workouts. I’ll be hitting the gym about an hour or so after I drag my ass out of bed. I take it that Powerdrive would be the ticket to help me clear out the cobwebs? Especially since I have’t done A.M. workouts in a long time…

I need to give props to Biotest. My prior comment was obviously not a ringing endorsement of their product (although, I didn’t trash it either). Nonetheless, the mods let the comment go through. Class act, that’s all I can say.

I totally agree with the comments and had to tell about my experience. I recently started Grad School while working full-time and had to start training at 4:30AM. I haven’t had much success with morning sessions in the past. I hate the way ephedra based products make me feel and was a bit skeptical when I first started taking PD. I found no side effects except for the alert, focused, and ready-to-move-weight feeling one would hope to get from a product like Power Drive.

i’ve used powerdrive for two fights now
won one lost one but the feeling of clarity aof thought and mental process was amazing
yes i reccomend powerdrive!
great product!

I didnt’ notice anything the first time I used it, but after that I used in with ClubSoda and defenitely felt some results and refuse to go long without it now.

For anyone who didn’t feel anything from it make sure that you try it with clubsoda before brushing it off, however I’ve run into at least one friend and there are likely others who didn’t feel anything from it, but these guys could probably have a caffeine IV tap and not feel anything…

Another bump for powerdrive.
I think athletes would like this more than bodybuilders.
Though I need 2-3 servings. And for all you guys using club soda. I can’t get this to mix good. I get a big foamy blob and only a little liquid that’s got too much PD in it so I couldn’t give that a fair shot.

In mine own experience, add Powerdrive to club soda but never add club soda to Powerdrive unless you want to drink a biiiiiiiiig cup of foam.

Rathman- that’s exactly how I take powerdrive. Get out of bed, pull on the t-vixen workout gear, chug the powerdrive, and drive about 45 minutes to my gym. Definitely keeps me awake on the ride there which is such a plus at 4 a.m. lol…:slight_smile: And after a couple months, I’ve not noticed any down regulation like ECA and no nasty side effects like skin blemishes either. (Can I have an endorsement contract now Mr. Patterson??)
The Elfling!

I just picked up powerdrive for the first time and tried mixing it with club soda…and also get that massive cup of foam result. Anyone have any tips on this? I’ve tried adding the powerdrive to the club soda, not the other way around, but as soon as I start mixing it’s like that volcano reaction you used to get in elementary school when you mixed vinegar and baking soda. Would drinking the powerdrive in water then following it immediately with club soda do the same thing since it’ll all be in your stomach at the same time?