Props to Metabolic Drive Complete

I have to say. I’ve taken Optimum Nutrition chocolate whey protein for the past 14-15 months, and yeah I liked it. I figured that was about as good as it got in terms of protein powder (because vanilla and strawberry SUCKED).

After hearing so much about the greatness of Metabolic Drive, I decided I’d splurge a little (no clue how 2 bucks total when you add milk to it is “splurging” but you get my point, lol), and amazed is an understatement.

The smell blew me away when I first opened it up. I’d never smelled even regular milk chocolate smell THAT good. I started using it for my shakes with milk right before bed time, since I had been using cottage cheese for the longest time, but figured at late night times when I’m already tired, it’s easier to just drink instead of eat.

If I had to say anything about the taste, I’d say it’s almost like buttery chocolate. Not sure what that is, but that’s what I think of. This does not taste like a supplement at ALL. I even let people who aren’t into healthy eating at all smell it and they all loved it.

I will say when I mix it with a lot of stuff (pb, cottage cheese, banana), it kind of tastes like regular protein powder. However, when used just with milk and the powder, it’s unbeatable. Muscle milk doesn’t hold anything to Metabolic Drive.

So, that’s all I have to say. I didn’t want to continue using this stuff before I bought it, but now I don’t see how I won’t be coming back month after month for more of this stuff. This, AND Surge! Original flavor is something I look forward to every week.

My only complaint…MAKE A BIGGER VERSION THAN JUST 2 LBS! :slight_smile:

I have to agree about Metabolic Drive Complete. It definitely has a great, rich taste. While I tend to stick to Low Carb Metabolic Drive for mixing with other foods (shakes, oatmeal, etc), Metabolic Drive Complete is awesome by itself with water or milk. I also rely on it heavily when I travel.


That’s great to hear, as my order just arrived. Does the Metabolic Drive super protein shake taste similar? What about Surge?

[quote]Mosho wrote:
That’s great to hear, as my order just arrived. Does the MD super protein shake taste similar? What about Surge?[/quote]

Mosho, much better avatar! On Metabolic Drive Complete, props to it indeed. Vanilla Complete is fargin excellent.


Does Metabolic Drive Complete taste different than Metabolic Drive Low Carb? I would assume so, because of the added carbs in Complete.

I like Metabolic Drive Low Carb but the artificial sweetener taste is still there to my palate. Curious about Metabolic Drive Complete, though…