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Props to Jim

Just wanted to say thanks to Jim for The Program. Something about it is magic. Today I just hit a deadlift PR at a full 120lbs more than the training max I’ve been using to program my lifts. Lifting lighter saves my body, but obviously it’s helping my strength quite a bit. When I started the day I was confident that my max was going to be around 435. Well, 50lbs later, I hit the first deadlift PR I’ve had in years…

I know it’s ugly, but I’m pretty psyched anyway.

That is amazing - but one of hundreds and hundreds of people that come to find out how the TM really works. Congratulations on the success!

Thanks Jim.

I did contemplate dramatically readjusting my TM after this, which was previously 360. 90% of 485 would put my new TM at 435. Quite a jump from 360. I think I will just keep bumping it in 10-15lb increments as I’ve been doing, because it’s obviously working. Might go up 20, but just this once. After all, the goal is to get stronger, not just beat my body down with heavier weights.

A few months back I dropped my TM 100lbs and I’m getting better results now than when I was lifting near my max. I think it’s due to better recovery, but it’s hard to say.

My advice: The sub-maximal thing works; don’t be in a rush to add weight.