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Props to Berardi's

I just wanted to say how phenomenal the recipes in this book are. I just ordered it a couple of weeks ago and am blown away with how good the food tastes! Food that I, with my meager skills, am actually cooking. And the recipes are very simple.

I’ve been one of those people who thought bodybuilding nutrition consisted of broiled chicken breasts and tuna in a can. No more. This book really opened my eyes to what is possible.

I highly highly recommend this book (not that anybody asked. I’m just saying… )

Thanks, JB.

I’ll second that. Berardi’s book is well worth it.

Have you also purchased the DVD? I’m wondering how to incorporate the meals in the E-Book with the plan outlined on the DVD. Anyone know how to go about this?

I don’t know anything about the DVD… I’ll have to check it out…

The DVD uses example meals that can easily be replaced with meals from the GN book.

Just be sure to stick with a plan and use the outcome based strategies laid out in disc 2 to make adjustments. (In fact, the whole point of disc 2 is to show you that almost ANY baseline diet can be used as long as you measure, adjust, measure, adjust, and so on).