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Props For some Good People

Just wanted to thank Eric Cressy for his article on the rotator cuff. (Cracking the rotator cuff conundrum) I have been having shoulder pain for about a year now which has prevented me from lifting heavy, Hell it hurt just to raise my arm above my head when not working out. I tried ART, conventional rehab, glucosamine, electric tensioning, and cortisone with little or no relief. I have been doing the external rotation exercises for about a month and the pain is gone, nada, zip. I was able to attempt 405 on my bench press and although I barely missed it I had Zero shoulder pain. All I got to say is Eric You DA MAN, and thank you. Now got anything for the tendonitis in my elbows???

Also wanted to say thanks to Golds in Santa Clara last week. I was out traveling and worked out in this joint. Good folks and great atmosphere.

Where is this article? On T-mag? What issue? I need to check it out.

yea somebody post a link

I don’t know whether Eric submitted it to T-Mag, but it was a great article! Cressey owns yer bones, man. Nate, if you PM Eric, I’m sure he’ll send you a copy.

Hey Nate, Eric sent it to me. If you need a copy let me know and I’ll pass it on to ya. No lie this is the best my shoulders have felt in two years.

Eric emailed me a copy, and I emailed a copy to Hyphnz! Now we have a whole e-mail gang bang going on!

email me a copy

Props to Cressey for the article.

Ive been preaching ART for over a year now and I dont get any props?

Elbow Tendinitis? Hmmmmmm…ART!

Thanks for the props, everyone. Training the RC might not seem all that sexy, but I’d much rather be able to train pain free than ignore important muscles just to save face.

Goldberg-I’m a big fan of ART for helping out with adhesions, too. Unfortunately, we all need to be careful about letting it become a crutch, as overuse, poor training techniques, and muscular imbalances and weaknesses are what cause the problems in the first place. Nonetheless, consider this your official props:

“Goldberg, you are the wind beneath my wings.”

I don’t understand. Were you not doing external rotator exercises previously? This is the obvious solution and too many people neglect the rotators until they start to hurt.

Thank you. I can now go on with my life. I agree about ART. However I believe if someone trains like they should, injuries like tendinitis are bound to show up sooner or later. And i know exactly what you mean about using it as a crutch. I was going to stretch after my workout and then thought hey ive got an ART appointment on Wednesday so if an adhesion builds up from not stretching then no big deal. But i thought better and stretched anyway.

Its funny that you mentioned that song. At the Braves game the other night my friend and I were discussing which songs we would come out to if we got to play. I said Wind Beneath My Wings just because it would make everyone in the stadium laugh.


Nope wasn’t doing them at all, well maybe a couple of sets for the rear every once in awhile. I have been training external exclusively for about a month now and will start to switch back to some pressing movements next week while keeping the externals in.

BTW?what may have been “obvious” to you, you know since you know everything, a sports Doc, an ART therapist, and a MRI all missed.

Goldberg - I tried ART and it completely messed me up. My should hurt five times worse and I lost all ROM. ART works for some people but for me I won’t do it again.

Phatman you need to see an ART provider who is an instructor and also has loads of experience. Do a search at their site and it will show you their qualifications. It makes a huge difference.

can someone post the article or email me? I have no doubt I can use it!

I would also like to see this article.
After my adventure last year hopping from airport to airport, staying in cheap hotel and eating airport food. I got a little out of shape. Tried to stay in shape worked out everyday, carried some of my own equipment with me, but the life style did me in. Christmas dinner was at the hotel bar in Chicago (everything else was closed) chicken fingers and a salad.
Anyway, got back and start working out using the routine posted here for older trainers as a break-in. Well, my strength stayed to return and then suddenly it started dropping regularly! Shoulder pain started up! But madam I was doing my rotator cuff exercises.
For the last three weeks, I have been going to my local ART doctor.
Well it is not Rotator Cuff that has got Older Lifter…Nope. It is a frozen shoudler!!!
Have done several search on that condition and I am not happy with the results.
Well, I guess it is time to do a modified Great Guns and Limping Program for the next 12 weeks.
Does anyone know anything about Frozen Shoulders?
Best of Luck.

Older Lifter,

Here’s what I know about the condition:

-You’re looking at a problem with the entire glenohumeral joint capsule. This capsule includes a bunch of ligaments, synovial fluid, and the tendons of the four muscles of the rotator cuff. When you get any sort of inflammation inside this capsule, the humeral head (and, in turn, the entire humerus) is unable to move freely within the joint.

-Risk factors include diabetes, trauma (including surgery, tendonitis, bursitis, RC strain), recent surgery, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and a cervical disk disease history.

-Treatment is pretty conservative: NSAIDs (of which I’m not very fond) and daily physical therapy. Severe cases can take up to 18 month to resolve, although most will go away sooner. In stubborn cases, surgery where the joint is forcibly taken through complete range of motion (breaking down scar tissue/adhesions).

Check out the following link regarding the stages of the condition:

Also, here’s a link to some appropriate rehab exercises (in case you don’t feel like dealing with the PT bureaucracy):


Feel free to PM me with your email address and I’ll send the article your way. Hope this helps.


Hey, I also wanted to give Eric some props for an excellent article. He always goes the extra mile on anything he writes and you know that it will be both well referenced and life tested. Keep up the good work bro!