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props for elitefts

I received an email a few weeks ago that said the next 40 customers to buy something would get a free elitefts t-shirt, so of course I jumped on that. I bought a set of minis and forgot to type in free shirt offer. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get my shirt b/c I was stoked to wear it in the gym. I wrote to the guys at elite and five days later a badass red elite shirt showed up at my door. I just wanted to give them props for amazing turnaround time and amazing customer service. And…the mini’s have pushed my bench up 15lbs and my squat about 35 in the last month. Thanks to Dave and the rest of the guys. I have found other companies that sell sleds, etc for a tiny bit cheaper than elite, but they have won me over with quality and service. I will continue to get all of my gear from them.

Good choice perrogrande. They by far sell the best equipment and have the best service. No reason to cheat your strength and go somewhere else. Good luck with everything.

Yeah they do rock over there. This fall I bought a t-shirt from them and I got a free winter took.