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Propranolol While On TRT?

Hey Gents,
Is it safe to take propranolol on TRT or clomid?

Propranolol is a beta blocker. Other than giving you beta blocker sides that have nothing to do with trt.

Clomid and trt usually 0 reason to do that on trt. You will probably experience negative sides.

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Yeah, I’ll be trt or clomid. Thanks man

I have taken it before after some issues with panic attacks, no issues combining it with TRT. For me, Clomid made anxiety way worse, so if you’re taking it for anything like that, I’d lean more towards T and less towards Clomid, but obviously your situation may be completely different.

I’ve taken it before getting my usual trt blood draws. No contraindications that I know of.

did trt make your panic attack stuff better worse or no real change?

It’s a long story. The short version is I had never had one before TRT. I was also on TRT for over a year and on a stable dose when the first one happened, so it’s hard to say TRT caused it. I had just added HCG and FSH (trying for a baby) about a month before it happened, so I’ve come to believe it was the combo of TRT + HCG that did it, somehow. I am fine on one or the other… but together caused issues for me, for whatever reason.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but what have you learned about Anxiety and your TRT experience? I struggled with anxiety prior to TRT and the only conclusion I can make is that TRT both helps and hinders depending greatly on the dosage, and any additionals like HCG, SERMs, etc.

Sure. My dr prescribed it to me for my palpitations (pvcs and pacs). It helps pretty well.