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Propranolol for Cardiac Health While On Cycle

Any of you guys ever suffer from a pulse that feels like it’s pounding out of your chest or having a heart rate as if you just ran a marathon?

Propranolol is a prescription drug that I use when needed for incidents that cause elevated heart rate tachycardia or arrhythmia.

I’m specifically sensitive to elevated levels of glucose that cause adrenaline release leading to bounding pulses with normal heart rate or unexplained tachycardia 110 beats per minute or greater.

Many of the pharmacological effects of most of these substances spoken about in these forums can lead to issues with heart rhythm. Propranolol is an excellent drug to mitigate these issues safely! One such drug that comes to mind is clenbuterol. Or a lot of these pre-workout supplements that contain caffeine or fat burners.

Propranolol has many uses . People have also taking Propranolol recreationally because it actually helps to calm you down if you’re suffering from anxiety .

Propranolol has been used by people for years when they suffer from anxiety or stage fright. Doctors have been known to use it to steady their hands during surgery or for people who suffer from Tremors. It actually calms the the heart down and increases the survivability dangerous cardiac events.

It also has the ability to lower blood pressure. It’s what’s known as a beta blocker and has shown to actually increase cardiac performance in the gym.

Studies also show it’s very synergistic with a lot of performance enhancing drugs used and these forums. Propranolol can actually increase the effectiveness of HCG and testosterone. It also enhances the production of growth hormone. However long term use can actually cause negative effects 2 testosterone, HGH, HCG. That’s why it’s good to use only when needed.

For me all it takes is 20 mg but dosages can be as high as 120 mg for other reasons. However 20 mg is enough to take a situation where I’m suffering from a bounding heart rate in the middle of the night unable to sleep, and decreases my heart rate to a comfortable level within 30 minutes of taking this medication.

So for those of you that may on occasion suffer from issues related to tachycardia arrhythmia this is something that perhaps you should talk to your doctor about having a prescription during times that you experienced these types of symptoms. Let me know what your thoughts are out there or if any of you out there currently take Propranolol would love to hear your experience with this drug!

I’d rather take B1 selective beta blockers

Oh? Beta blockers Ford versus Chevy, tequila vs. Vodka I guess you can choose whatever method get you there. Propranolol just happens to be a veryh common one and very inexpensive. I don’t have experience in the others but I can say that I have had nothing but very positive successful results from propranolol. But would love to hear about those people who I guess have taken beta blockers for similar reason’s.

The reasons for this post is because early this morning I couldn’t get to sleep because my pulse was bounding so hard that it was shaking my body and I was having difficulty falling asleep. Because of it. I checked my blood pressure which was 134 over 76 and my heart rate was 90 beats per minute. But my pulse was definitely bounding. So I took my 20 mg of propranolol in 30 minutes later, I feel great!

Earlier I had taken my 250 mg of testosterone cypionate, 200 mg of testosterone, 50 mg of anavar, 150 units of HCG oh, and I added 2 units of HGH. Had a good workout 4 hours previously and came home and took 120 grams of protein and 20 grams of collagen. Ate a banana and an apple and had about a cup of mango. Perhaps it was the sugar along with the HGH that might have set me off. Who knows!?!

I felt motivated to share this with other people and hopes that it might help someone that might be suffering from this type of event that can definitely cause a lot of anxiety and difficulty trying to get to sleep. Just sharing I guess

Corvette = winner

No trace methanol = winner, though they both taste absolutely horrendous.

1hr later

BP 121/67
HR - 70
Pulse intensity - calm!

Now I can get back to sleep! 4am… Sux!

Love having this stuff on hand!

Are you at all concerned that you’re simply temporarily buffering your symptoms and not addressing the cause?

No. I’m usually fine but every now and then… Say like once every 60 days I do something that causes me to react to adrenaline.

If you take Clen and propranolol, you could just leave both alone and be better off.

If you can’t sleep on Clen and then take Propranolol, you could have just taken Salbutamol in the first place.

Also yes propranolol is relatively safe but caution is needed especially the first time using it because too much and you can’t stand up because your AV nod is blocked.