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Propositioning 101

I know ill probably get flamed for this but here it goes. I need to know the proper way to proposition a women. evryother time i’ve had sex (about 12) it’s always just kind of happened. Now that im in college an meeting new women who don’t know who i am im clueless as to how to get to home base.So any help would be appreciated. Thanks

How about, “Wanna fuck?”


Jake 12 times as in 12 chicks or 12 times period? Honestly a nice body and face does not hurt,dress nice and in style(not that hip hop shit) and just start talking,take interest in the girl you are talking with,be a good listener!! Try to build some confidence,and don’t come off pathetic,or needy…Remember alcohol is a good social lubricant. Now get out there and mingle!!

12 chicks. I do dress nice and i think im pretty damn good looking. Im always well groomed and when i go anywhere i always look my best. but Dave, thanks and Macaijah thats a good picture. Now go fuck yourself

Nice shoes wanna fuck?

beer works best.

Best way to proposition is not to proposition at all. I’m in college as well, and getting laid is not hard at all. Just meet people, go out, and it happens…like magic.

You’ve had sex with twelve different girls and you still don’t know how to start up a conversation? Either you had a lot of big ass whores that went to your high school, or you’re full of shit. Anyway, like Merlin said, getting laid in college takes pretty much no effort whatsoever, especially if you live in the dorms.

If you’re at a party, if you see a girl that you’re interested in just start up a conversation. If you’re as good looking as you say that you are I don’t think that too many girls are going to be opposed to that. Actually listen to what she has to say instead of just talking about yourself, and if it’s going to happen it’ll happen.

whatever you said to those 12 women say to all the other women that you meet. if it doesnt work well just spank the monkey my man. if it’s not broke dont fix it.

Wow, thats a pretty dumb question

Jake, seriously, twelve chicks and now you are “clueless” as to what to do?

Okay, here…take that special lady out to dinner, and then go out dancing. Be sure to get out on the floor for every slow dance, and establish that “close” kind of feeling physically and mentally.

Then, take her home and fuck her – no, no, I’m teasing.

Then go to the location of your choice (see that other thread about weird sexual encounters) and talk, cuddle, and eventually, kiss.

Be aware of what she seems to be feeling, and feed that fire.

Soon, before you know it, you’ll hit that “home run”…or be at home base, or whatever…


The best way to proposition a woman is to let her proposition you.

For that to happen, you need to act with coolness and confidence. Be friendly without being overeager.

Whatever you do, don’t let her know you want to have sex with her, no matter how hot she is.

Advice from a woman

MD: The best way to proposition a woman is to let her proposition you.

I beg to differ. A guy will die waiting or he better be patient because women who have enough balls to show their interest (i.e. make the first step) are few and far between.

As a rule, they leave the ‘confidence’ test to men.

It is exactly like selling: the more you pitch (with wits), the more you win. It makes no sense being a Ferrari if you are always in the garage and nobody knows you exist.

DAN C: Dead on. The world is full of single men that think that if they buy the right pheremones, or display the proper behaviors, women are just going to jump into their laps.
The majority of women want to be pursued, and to think differently is to probably be lonely for a long, long time.

Another interesting thing…

Even though technology and social conditions have evolved (women pretty much have all the liberty they need and are a couple of leagues beyond what they were at the beginning of the 20th century)…

The roles haven`t!

The game is fuzzier (less black and white, more grey) than before, but what has been going on for thousands of years remains the same.

The more things change…

No, MD is right. You just have to take what she said in the proper context.

A woman “propositioning” a man usually isn’t going to take the “Hey, you’re handsome. Let’s fuck.” tack. (Unless, of course, the guy has the good fortune to live somewhere near ~karma~. Then it might happen this way. :wink: ) She’s going to let the guy know - subtly - that she’s interested. It’s up to the guy to be able to read the signals - the lingering look, the tilt of the head, the hair twirling, whatever it might be - and interpret them correctly.

So what MD’s saying (if I may) is that a guy isn’t going to get anywhere trying to convince a woman to have sex with him, but should instead concentrate on reading women well, and let them tell him who may or may not be interested.

Admittedly, this skill takes a little while to develop. But the first step is in knowing what to look for, and in not wasting one’s time trying to find The Perfect Line That Works On All Women or some crap like that.

Char, that is an excellent analysis.

Yes, a woman can let a man know in subtle ways if she wants to have sex with him. And yes, he must be in tune enough to read them. Sometimes, however, she might also just jump his bones.

You are 100% right about trying to find that one perfect line that works with all women all the time. There is no such animal.

I’ve said this many times on this forum: treat women as individuals. Unfortunately, my point is lost on many of the gentlemen around here.

You guys aren’t in college. Us college guys don’t need to know women, or even to treat them as individuals. We go out, find a girl, take her home, and fuck her stupid.