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Proposed Second Cycle

Hey guys i am getting close to ending my first cycle and i wanna start a second in a few months. I would like some imput on the new cycle i would b taking. My cycle im currently on is an 8 week cyvle
100mg test prop eod
.75mg tren ace eod
.50mg mast eod
250iu hcg e3d
Adex .5 mg eod

40/40/20/20 nolva

The new cycle i am thinking would be 8 weeks

150mg test prop eod
100mg tren ace eod
.75mg mast eod
.50EQ eod
50 mg anavar ed

Any1 have any input or any advice on this would b helpful. Im pretty much keeping it the same im just increasing the dosage and adding a few thing ill continue the hcg as well as the pct. Tjanks guys looking forward to your guys views