Proposed Next Cycle

I’m 20 years old 70 kg 5’7 and have been training on off for 4 years i finished my first cycle just before the new years and im ashamed of my last cycle it was meant to be a 12 week sus250 cycle but I ended up going overseas and it was cut short to 6 weeks with no pct.

My plan for my next cycle is 500mg week 1-12
and dbols week 1-4
with pct starting week 14-18 of nolva starting 40/40/20/20

my question is should i be taking dbols 1-4 weeks or 1-2 weeks how long is enough to get the kick start for my test e to be in effect and how long should i wait before this cycle because i am just 20 years old and having recently finished my last cycle which ended badly. It’s currently been 3 weeks since my last pin and i know i should take a fair bit of time off any tips appreciated

Taking AAS is a very serious thing and you should plan it carefully before you even start. You admit your training is mediocre at best, so it makes me wonder about your nutrition. Don’t even get me started about your age and weight…

Have you ever thought about WHY you want to take steroids?

Since you’ve fucked up your last PCT (non-existent) your HTPA could still be very shut down.

To answer your questions:

  1. Test E takes about 4-5 weeks to kick in. If you front load this could be around 3 weeks (personal experience). So dbol is mostly used for 4 to 6 weeks at a dosage from 20 up to 60mg ED.

  2. If you cycle your off time should be: time ON + PCT = time off. This is a general rule.

  3. What kind of AI are you using? Do you even have one on hand?

What can I say? You did something stupid.

I admit my last cycle was pure stupidity i plan on getting a hold of arimidex for my next cycle to use throughout my cycle i did notice on cycle I had itchy niples that would come for a day and then leave for a week or 2 so i definately am taking my next cycle seriously and i will not start it till i have everything on hand and these next few months i will be using to fix up my nutrition because While my nutrition was not bad I believe i can still fix up a few things.

Do you think i should take extra time off because of my non existant PCT on last cycle maybe take a full 3-4 months off to be safe? Thanks for your help

You said something about a 12 weeks Sustanon cycle and it was cut short about 6 weeks. So that’s 6 weeks and you also said your last pin of sustanon was 3 weeks ago?

If you have your Nolvadex you could still start PCT asap (really asap).

Keep your next cycle on hold for a few more years. Get your training and especially nutrition on 100% first.

I was 30 years old when I did my first cycle after 10 years of consistent training…

I know this will sound stubborn but now that i know how it feels like to be on it I’m not sure i could hold off a few years but i will definately make sure that my training and nutrition gets the attention it needs and thanks for all the help I appreciate it alot

[quote]lemonzor wrote:

Do you think i should take extra time off because of my non existant PCT on last cycle maybe take a full 3-4 months off to be safe? Thanks for your help[/quote]

How about 3-4 YEARS.

If its been 3 weeks since your last shot then start your pct now and you will be fine. Once your PCT is over wait at least 3 months before your next cycle. Then if you decide to use Test E, frontload it and only run for 8 weeks. Its easier to recover, and you can always run more cycles. You can use the Dbol for weeks 1-4 or you can use it to bridge to your pct (weeks 8-11). Then do pct during week 11. If you have adex use .25 every other day.

Good luck :slight_smile: