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Proposed Gyno Reduction Cycle

Ok, here are my stats
23 years, 180lbs, 6 foot
lifting and eating seriously for the past year or so, and been lifting occasionally since teens

I was going to do a test e cycle, but from the knowledge I’ve gained from these boards I think that I will hold off a year and try to learn as much as I can in the meantime.

My problem is that i’ve had a case of gyno since puberty. I was a little pudgey before I hit my growth spurt and my body never lost the gyno that I developed. Now I am very thin (around 10% I think) but the gyno remains. I know that gyno that has been around this long can usually only be removed through surgery, however I will not be able to afford that for many years probably!

I have read several things about reduction of gyno, and I think that this is something worth trying. I am going to make a cycle with havoc (epistane), letrozole (femora), and nolvadex.

I have read that havoc/epistane is best at reducing gyno at low doses and high doses but I will try the low dose first.
I’ll do havoc for 4 weeks at 20mg/day.

I’ll try using the letro while on this cycle using this protocol:
Day 1: .50mg Letro
Day 2: 1.0mg Letro
Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
Day 5: 2.5mg Letro **
I’ll stay at 2.5mg/day for about a week then cycle down…
Day 1: 2.0mg
Day 2: 1.5mg
Day 3: 1.0mg
Day 4: .50mg***
Day 5: .25mg

I’ll do this once or twice during the cycle depending on how much letro I have.

PCT will be nolva:
Week 1: 40mg Tamoxifen ED
Week 2: 40mg Tamoxifen ED
Week 3: 20mg Tamoxifen ED

I’ll also get some milk thistle and maybe taurine to be on the safe side.

I have not decided on a source for the letro and nolva yet so I need to do some more research on that as well.

If anyone can offer some suggestions, criticism, warnings, or help it would be greatly appreciated!!!

alright, nobody has an opinion on this?
wow not even any flames. well, I guess I’ll post up later whether this works or not when I get my shit


I’ve been in exactly your postion before. apart from convincing your doctor to prescribe surgery (over here in the UK they have to belive you are at phsychological risk) then I belive using various anti eostrogens is the only way you will be able to control and minimize gyno,
If you are 10% bodyfat it will be hard to lose weight,and probably not make much difference, if you bulk up and gain weight the gyno will get worse (health issues not included)

I have used nolvadex, adex and clomid, not letrazole yet, and found that nolvadex minimized my gyno most (I was born with mild gyno,lucky me!)
I remeber reading on here on the ‘truth’s I’ve learned thread’ I think it was Juice wrote that letrazole is the best thing for reducing gyno,I’ve never used this as i said but pm me and i’ll pass a reliable source to you, but I do know from experience nolvadex will make a good diffrence.

To answer your original question, re your proposed cycle, I would say thats to heavy, Just go with 20 (40mg max) of nolvadex/tamoxifen daily, this will reduce the puffiness on your chest. Someone else on here will be able to advise dosing of letrazole better than me, also beware of the health risks, prisoner on the test taper protocool warned of the dangers of the chronic use of anti e’s, although I can fully sympathize with your situation, and know what its like to have this problem at your age.
Good luck

So, when you used the nolva did it kill the gyno permanently or just when you were on it???

I need something to kill it!
I have very low fat so i can’t lose any more.
I just have knots behind my nips that make the shit stick out and look weird.
I have tried everything diet and exercise related so I really want to try something new that won’t cost me a shitload (like surgery).

I was born with puffy nipples and would be interested in hearing about your experiences with reduction techniques. Is it even possible to get rid of “puffiness”? or does it have to be actual lumps. I have a shirtless picture in my profile i think from about a year ago.

I got my bf measured this week at school using a bodpod and it came back at 11% so i’m not real fat, but when I fight MMA and even when I’m wearing a tight t-shirt or underarmour they are visible. If anyone has any success I would definitely try something and report the results.

Bump, anything happen with this?

I’ve been using the epistane for about a week or so at 20mg/day.

Really haven’t noticed any results, except for a little extra strength and motivation in the gym(possibly placebo effect).

if I continue not to see any results I might go ahead and order some letro and Toremifene.

I guess I could experiment with using all of these to see if any of them work for my body.

My goal for this year is to try to reduce my gyno without surgery. Hopefully the nolva or letro will have some results. Then if these are successful I’m going to start my first AAS cycle next winter. Going to take everything slow and a low doses. I’ve got my whole life to learn about my body and hormones and I dont want to fuck myself up!