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Proposed First Cycle Advice



I've been training for six years and am 26 years old. I've done copious amounts of research and, although I fully appreciate the logic of taking a slowly-slowly approach by starting off with a standalone test cycle for a first-time go, I'm wanting to go straight into the deep-end with a 20 week cycle of the following:

Test 400/Tren E/Var (as a kickstart) - I've also been advised to run in tandem nova throughout the cycle.

I'm 5''11, circa 12%bf and roughly 13.8 stone in weight.

I want you guys to advise me on recommended dosing; does 500mg Test, 300mg Tren and 50mg var/week sound relatively on point?

I've attached pictures in the hope that this acts as some form of gauge to measure what would be good advice and what wouldn't.

Regards PCT I know of the nova/chlomid split but if, again, somebody will kindly chime in with timescales of the PCT in relation to the proposed 20 weeks cycle, and the PCT dosages, that'd be much obliged. Also, is adex advised ED to prevent possible gyno and, if so, at what dose?



Second pic.


Third pic.


a 20 week cycle of over a gram of androgens a week, for your first time out?

when you say you've done research, i don't think you know what that means....


12% body fat!

Never ceases to amaze me just how delusional some people are.


Haha, clearly wishful thinking then on my part; what bf percentage am I, then? More like 15%, or even 20%? Cheers.


quite a bit higher than 12, but it's ok. Sorry if my post was a bit douchey.

Your cycle is way too much man. Just do the usual:

500mg test E/C for 12 weeks
.5mg adex eod
Pct 2 weeks after last injection: 4 weeks of clomid at 50mg, 4 weeks of nolva at 40/40/20/20 or both.


I don't think you understand the reason for limiting the compounds you use in your first cycle. It's got nothing to do with 'going straight to the deep end', or being hardcore, or even getting great results. It's about figuring out how YOUR body reacts to each compound, and at what doses. If you use both Tren and Test in your first cycle, you won't know which one you respond better to.

You also won't know which one is giving you more problems if something goes wrong. If you start with a Test only cycle, the only variable you'll need to adjust is the dose.

This is a process, and skipping steps won't do you any favors.

I also don't think 'copious research' means the same thing to me as it seems to mean to you, based on the way you've presented yourself here. If you had done your research, you wouldn't need to ask questions about PCT. There are less than 5 viable approaches that are generally accepted at this point, and really only one that is the gold standard: Nolva only, for at least 4 weeks, at a dose of 20mg/ED. A 40/40/20/20 dose is used the most often, although 20/20/20/20/20/20 is probably better.