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Proposed Ephedra Ban

As we all know, the ignorant are after it again. “Ephedra kills millions!! It must be banned immediately! (Then we’ll focus on the rest of those killer, so-called “supplements”)”. the next paragraph is a re-post, but it addresses dkalman’s post “Rep Sweeney”, and it could very well have a potential impact on ephedra, so I encourage you to read it again.

There’s been a delay in the House pushing through HR 207, the ban on prohormones (other supplement like ephedra and creatine could be next). I know we’ve been beating this to death, but now is a great time to pile in a few more emails, and I found a great, super-easy way to do it! T-Mag is teamed with other supplement companies to fight this legislation. One of the other companies is bodybuilding.com, and they’ve created a way for lazy bastards to copy and paste a form letter against the ban in approximately 22 seconds! Just cut and paste the following link, go to the site and send out that bad boy. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/saveandro.htm

If you want to make a difference - voice your opinion FAX Representative John Sweeney’s office at fax 202-225-6235. Speak intelligently, make your fax Attention to Betsy Ide (she is coordinating his movement in his Washington Office). I spoke to them this morning.