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Proposed Dymethazine H-Drol Cycle


First off, I am 22 years old, 184 lbs, 6'0 at around 18% BF. This is my proposed cycle.
Weeks 0-2 I-Force Dymethazine 30mg Daily
Weeks 2-6 CEL H-Drol 50mg Daily
Support Supps:
Milk Thistle 400mg daily
Weeks 0-2 60 mg daily
Weeks 2-4 20 mg daily


can someone please give me some feedback?


You do not need anything but food. You could easily put on another forty pounds before you should think about using advanced supplementation.


Your bodyfat is too high compared to how much you weigh. That along with your age means you should spend more time getting in better shape. 6' 185 8-10% bf (while still fairly light to begin) is a much more acceptable starting point.


Save your $$...and your Liver; read the stickys and use the search engine above.

Put your excess $$ on food.




the problem is since my bf is pretty high already I don't think its a good idea to get too much fatter. Hence, a normal bulk. I figure with the cycle I proposed above I can cut to something around 165 at 9% (while still maintaining the same lbm). I'd be using thermogenics which I failed to mention above.

Instead of hdrol i might use epistane since its less prone to gyno. But either way I feel like even if I were to bulk properly I'd get too fat.


Not to be the dick in this thread but lets be real here. You are 6' tall and are carrying 155lbs of LBM. If you can't add muscle WHILE burning fat then there are two possibilities: a) You don't follow proper nutrition habits conducive to anabolism and/or you don't lift with enough intensity (which is key to build a solid foundation of muscle) OR b) You eat enough of the right foods and bust your ass every workout but have terrible genetics for bodybuilding.

You should post your diet. And some recent progress of some lifts.



well your right. I'm willing to bet that I dont follow the proper diet. could you tell me how I should eat in order to gain mass and lose fat?


Lol I can give you a few tips but I can't really say anything groundbreaking as most of the info on nutrition that I use has been found on this site. I suggest you start reading some of the past nutrition articles. Don't be too proud to post in the beginners section either. You can find a lot of good stickied articles posted there.


While drugs arent the answer in this situation...

And your too inexperienced to need Prohormones...

Your still old enough to do so, and to make that choice yourself. Certainly drugs speed EVERYTHING up, even if your diet and training suck.

Fix all three and you will see dramatic results.

Your cycle looks fine, Dymethazine is basically a form of superdrol if I remember.

30mg is a good dosage, although many users start at 20.

Hdrol is better run at 75mg/day but 50mg will produce adequately.

Stacking the two is a bit counter productive, using epistane/havoc would be better than hdrol, but not because of gyno.

None of those compounds can aromatize and can not produce gyno directly. The only way to develop gyno is to flub your PCT and cause estrogen rebound.

This is what people think is "delayed gyno", its complete nonsense, and really they just dont know what they are doing.

Now, epistane/havoc has more type I activity and stacks better with superdrol than hdrol does.

But in reality the cycle would feel about the same reguardless, as its your first cycle and youd get almost exactly the same results out of running just the dymethazine at 30mg.

Your body can only produce a certain ammount of muscle in 6 weeks, and throwing more drugs at it cant force it to make muscle any faster.

Later cycle need higher dosages/stacking because you have more muscle to support and need higher dosages to push the envelop farther.

Most people choose 40mg/day in the PCT, 60 is a tad high, but theres nothing "wrong" with it.

Other than that, no alcohol, 2grams of protien per pound of body weight and away you go.