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Proposed Cycle (Sust, Dbol, Winny)


Hey guys, I am currently in the process of planning what will be my third cycle. I started a little earlier than I probably should have but have always taken the necessary precautions. I have been lifting since i was 16, but at 18 stopped lifting for sports and started lifting mostly for physique and strength. My diet is fairly good, especially on cycle :wink:.

Age: 21
Height: 5'7''
Weight; 185 lbs (192lbs last day of last cyle)
Bench: 225lbs x 15 (Sorry don't have a max in fear of furthering shoulder issues)
Squat: 365lbs x 1
Deadlift: 455lbs (that was on cycle, down a little now)

Previous Cycles: I have run 2 previous cycles. (both 40/40/20/20 nolva pct and adex on)
1. week 1-8 500mg sust/wk
week 1-4 40 mg dbol/day
2. week 1-8 500mg sust/wk
week 1-4 40 mg dbol/day
week 3-8 300 mg tren e/wk

Goals: I would like to gain another solid 10 lbs (after pct), and lean out for spring. My goals for this cycle are fairly simple. I am going to start at the end of winter break in hopes of being big and lean for the lake during spring. I liked both of my past cycle, but do feel that I am going to stay away from tren this time around. I loved the strength gains, but had some trouble with sleep. Not completely against giving it another try but for this cycle, want to give winny a chance.

Proposed Cycle:
week 1-10: 750 mg sust/wk
week 1-4: 40mg dbol/day
week 5-10: 50mg oral winny/day
week 12-16: nolva 40/40/20/20
(adex weeks 1-10)

I really am just wondering if anyone has had experience with these three compounds/ Do you feel there is another direction I should head or doses I should change. I understand I am young and I know that most of you may be against me using AAS all together but that was a battle I already fought, so really you don;t have to tell me. I am fully aware of the risks involved, but thank you for your concern. Attached is a current photo. Thanks for everything guys!


Again, 10 weeks of orals.... some risk associated. My pesonal preference.... Adex up untill your test clears.

Nolva seems to be popular choice.... but don't discount clomid -- i remember reading a post by 'phendo' on another board. Could be worth looking into.


As far as the nolva, its just easiest for me to get and has worked well for me in the past. I would actually love to get ahold of some clomid and give it a try though for comparison.

You are right, I should run the adex through week 12, so I will make that change.

As far as 10 wks of orals, I am a little worried. i have considered dropping the dbol, but in the past I have really liked it at the start of my cycles. I never even consider having a drink on cycle, and will have proper liver support. Do you think the risk involved is worth dropping it out all together? I understand it is a personal decision, but does anyone have experience with 10 wks of orals? Thanks LR and anyone else that wants to pitch in.


Your cycle looks fine. 10 weeks of orals is nothing lol... you'll be fine! the liver is a very resilient organ... unless of course you have a viral hepititis to begin with.

The amount of mg of dbol you might find being a little too much for you to handle at your weight... you might do better with just 15-25 mg per day actually.

or do what I do with dbol... take your entire dose pre workout... say do 20 mg per workout for your entire cycle and keep the winny where it is... to be added in as your cycle matures... just my two cents :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input. In the past I have ran dbol at 40mg, but maybe it is worth trying at a lower dose, especially considering a longer cycle. Last cycle I took 10mg am, 20mg post workout, and 10mg 5hrs later. If I can get away with a lower dose that for sure is the right way to go though. Thanks


Yes, i agree with Prisnor, which i why i said "some risk". Probably a very acceptable level of....


Why would you take dbol post workout?


I didn't in my first cycle, but saps had mentioned that it gave him a great post post workout so I gave it a try and loved it. I think he uses it year around post workout actually?


dude I was a diehard sustanon guy, but if you think about it different lenght esters are kind of garbage. inject every other day, might as well go with a single ester, more stable levels. Test E all the way


I definitely see your point in evening out levels. I think my major draw to sust is the short esters that get you off to a fast start. I guess with dbol at the beginning I may have a big enough jump start. I will look into it. Thanks man


emotional rollercoaster for me. Why not do test prop and test E in substitute to the SUS garbage. do every day injects and you should be leveled off. Personally I cant wait to gt off my sus cycle. for a week I feel like a champ then out of no where Im bumming it for no reason. never again. and I do everyday injects with sus now...but everybody reacts different.