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Proposed Cycle, Any Advice?


Hey guys, long time reader first time poster. Little background 6'1 250 pounds been lifting 5+ years.AAS experience various cycles over past 3 years.Started trt early last year and did a couple blasts. Here is my proposed cycle

Wk 1-4 20mg M1t
Wk 1-10 400mg tren e
Wk 1-10 250mg test e
Wk 7-10 50mg winny
Aromasin 12.5mg eod wk 1-5 then e3d
Prami .12.5mg 1-4 then .25mg 5-10

Goal is change of body comp, less fat more lean muscle. As for the m1t I just figured I would try it, worst case scenario its probably dbol or other prohormone.


Or do you think it would be more beneficial to lower tren to 300mg and extend the cycle to 13 weeks.


M1T runs 15mg each day for 3 week, week 1-week 3. Test runs 400mg per week, and lower tren to 200 mg. Since both tren&m1t have renal toxicity, you should take some supplements for kidney detox


My m1t’s are dosed at 10mg so i guess I could cut pill in half. As far as raising the test I was hoping to do a lil over trt dose for the added boost and run higher tren. This is my second time running tren so 300-400mg is high for me. Thank you for the advice


Any other advice


I don’t think that running the test and m1t together would really be that bad even if you did extend the cycle to say 12 weeks. If you did go with a twelve week run you would give yourself another two weeks between orals so that’s a bit of a plus lol.


Ok so run the 300mg tren e with the test at 200-250mg? Do the ancillaries look ok?


If it were me i would go with 250mgs test and 400mgs of tren but 300 will be fine. Cut the aromasin dose in half and take it everyday it has a very short half life. Prami looks ok just listen to your body and you’ll know if you need more or not. Other then that looks like fun haha my next cycle will be low test


Haha ok great, thank you for your help.