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Proposed Cutting Cycle


This will be my 5th cycle

previous cycles have included test prop, tren ace, dbol, tbol, winstrol, masteron prop


Weeks 1-8
test prop 70mg a week with ED shots
tren ace 625mg a week with ED shots
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 625mg a week with ED shots
winstrol 100mg ED (I have used high dose orals for long durations with no significant liver damage)

t3 4 weeks (taper up to 125mcg ED then back down)
clen 2 cycles of 2 on 2 off (up to 140mcg ED then back down)

adex on hand

caber .5mg 2x a week

pct nolva 40/40/20/20

The only thing I have a question about is the inclusion of NPP in the cycle. Would I be met with any difficulty in combining it with the tren ace?

Also does anyone have any experience combining NPP and Tren ace (or know anyone who does)? If so, were the results worthwhile?

thank you


Out of curiosity, how were the end results of your last high tren low test cycle? Did you get any leaner? Much bigger? Side effects minimal as predicted?


Got lighter, leaner, bigger, and stronger... Basically body recomp as most would expect with tren. I will say that I dont believe it is much more beneficial to run 1500mg of tren ace over 1200mg. I really wish I had an oral to stack with it.. Low test high tren does not yield much in the way of gains by itself. Then again I have been using clen and t3 with a cutting diet for the past 11 days.

Side effects... Basically done.

Probably wont exceed one gram in future because of cost

Im actually still on it tho


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