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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to ask some fellow T-men about possible topics for an English proposal that I need to get started on. I was thinking something along the lines of supplements, infomericial scams, the hate on steroids, etc. It doesn’t have to be serious…like in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. I need to have a problem, explain the problem and its negative consequences in detail, and then have a solution to the problem.

As of now I am thinking of writing on the problem of pre-marital sex.

Gracias amigos

Pre-marital sex is a problem?!?!



I will try and add something constructive to this later.

Here’s one: The problem with the criminalization of individual-choice behaviors such as drug usage and voluntary prostitution, and the violent underworld this creates.


Why don’t you write on something topical like Gay marriage? Why it’s bad, (and it is), and the solution.

How about writing on metro-sexuals as the problem.

“It’s only pre-marital sex if you plan on getting married.”

I like Zeb’s idea. Everyone is embracing homos now; stand up, lest we see more Rosie O’donnels running around gettin hitched. shudder


Thanks for the advice guys. I have now added metrosexual and gay marriage to my list of possible proposal choices.

Gay marriage would be good because of the time period we are currently in and metrosexual would be a funny and interesting paper to write.

A proposal against gay marriage or a proposal against metrosexuals? This is gonna be a tough choice.

glad I could be of assistance.

could do it on the ephedra issue and the wanted ban on pro-steroids and pro-hormones.

Is your proposal going to be as wickedly sarcastic as Swift’s? :wink: