Proportional Lift Numbers?

Hi guys, I’ve been doing Starting Strength for about a month and a half now. My bench went from 100 → 130, squat 95 → 130, deadlift 200 → 240, shoulder press 70 → 95, and power clean 75 → 105. I’m very happy with the gains in strength and my lifts. What I want to know is are my numbers proportional?

It seems like my squat is too low compared to my bench and my deadlift. Also, the shoulder presses and power cleans haven’t gone up in a few weeks. I’m probably going to do a reset with them, but would that make my numbers way out of proportion?

Squat is low. Should be 200ish unless you have an extreme body shape not suited to squatting.

I’d dig up as much info as I could on squat form. Maybe take a vid of yourself performing the lift. It’s probably a form issue and hopefully pretty easily solved.

Everything else seems to look ok. There are some lifts that won’t progress as fast as others, reset them as needed or microload them.

It looks proportional except squat.

Yea, the squat is the one that concerns me too. I had problems with it early on, but it feels proper now. I recently met a T-Nation reader in the gym at my university, and he seems to really know his stuff and be hardcore with it. He’s the only guy I see squatting ass to grass.

I learned squatting ass to grass from the very beginning, and he says my form looks just about right. I was thinking because I started completely untrained in hamstrings and gluts, and partially trained in the quads, that it could account for my low squat numbers.

And the fact that I squat so low also lowers the amount I can squat as well. What do you guys think? I’m gonna try and get a video of my squat so you guys can take a look at my form.

It took a bit for me to squat more than I benched when I started lifting. My legs/back were very weak compared to my upper body.

It eventually evens out. You’ll find you can keep adding weight to the bar when you squat, where as you can’t with your bench press.

Just keep squatting.

My bench was way higher than my squat when I started as well. Make sure you focus on your squat improving though.

For me, as my squat came up, the rest of my lifts came up as well.