Has anyone ever read about or heard of this stuff? Actually, no, what I want to know is if anyone’s used it, and if so what were your results. It’s supposed to be a really good anti-oxidant (comes from honey) and is starting to become big here in Japan. It’s marketed out of Australia, so maybe people down under know about it…? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

It is pure BS. Save your money.

Speaking of anti-oxidants … I’ve just recently run into cranberry caps. Each cap is supposed to be the same nutrients as 10g of cranberries.

They are pretty expensive, but It thought it was a good idea. Especially for someone not getting enough vegetables.

Char Dawg, heres what I found in a herbology book lying around my room:

Propolis is made by bees from tree resins which have anti-microbial actions to protect the tree. This resin is collected by the bees and remetabolized with their own secretions to be used as glue in building and repairing their hives. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. The bees also use it to disinfect their hives, placing it around the entrance and around any intruder they may have killed to disinfect it’s carcass. Propolis contains a complex of biologically active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and a special combination of flavonoids which act as cell building components.

Propolis can be chewed as it comes from the hive or it can be made into a liquid extract to treat sore throats and other internal infections. These properties work to raise the body’s natural resistance to disease by stimulating and rejuvenating the body’s own immune system. " theres more but its anecdotal… I don’t know what its worth to you, but i’ve heard from a few people that it has most of the positive effects of synthesized antibiotics without the negatives. Take it for what you will… I also imagine that you would want to find the rawest source you could, to avoid any processing damage.

Thanks for the info. There’s a company called Ikuson Co. out of Australia (Tasmania, actually, I think) that markets the stuff here in Japan. I have a friend who’s trying to get me to take this stuff, and I don’t mind giving it a shot, just to see, but it’s pretty expensive. I figured I’d see what the Forum had to say on the topic before spending any money.

Also, Ikuson markets this stuff through a pyramid scheme, which is usually (but not always) a bad sign. Anyone have any experience with this company? Any of you Aussies out there know anything about it?

Thanks again.

Char Dawg,

I’m completely uninformed about Japan’s supplement market, but I would hope they have more than one source for supplements over there? My understanding, having talked with a couple raw food people at a local co-op, is that a lot of the stuff marketed is only marginally effective due to processing. I guess that would be the biggest thing to concern myself with, if I were going to be taking it. I know I’ve purchased Vitamin C that included propolis in the formula (I think through NEEDS, which is a US based company…). You could always see about getting it through a different source, if this one seems shady.