Propionate Levels After Last Injection

I take TRT and then blast when the Dr isnt looking. However i need to do blood work every 3 months which means i need to come of my Test E blast early so my levels drop in time for my blood work. Someone from this forum had a great suggestion that i switch to propionate. Great idea, dont know why i never thought about it.

My question is, according to my research online the test p is no longer in your system lets say after 14-16 days. Which im assuming means you wouldn’t detect the drug if you were looking for it, However my major concern is will my test levels still be elevated at 14-16 days, or are they the same thing? The Dr isnt checking IF i’ve been taking test, but rather what my levels are. So i need to make sure that my levels drop to “normal” range rather then the drug not be detectable.

RBC count, HCT and hemaglobin may still be elevated. Test prop will be out within that timeframe though.