Propionate Injection Site Rotation

I am in the process of planning an EOD injection site rotation for Test Prop, and obviously would like keep soreness to a minimum. It seems like glutes and outer quads might be the best place to start, but I’d like to hear what kind of rotation you guys have have used and what you might recommend. Responses are appreciated.

My only advice would be try as many as you can, just because the usual starting place to inject is the glutes, doesnt mean it will be the most comfortable for you.

I find triceps and biceps to be almost completey painless. Its all personal opinion. I would tell you however to use nothinglarger than 25g on bi’s as your asking for trouble in regards to soreness, especially with prop or winny.

I like a glutes and hips rotation because my quads tend to “feel” prop much more than the gluteal muscles do.

I also prefer hitting the larger central muscles (for maximal absorption, as the research suggests) as opposed to smaller peripheral ones.

I use two sites in each quad: vastus lateralis (outer thigh) and rectus femoris (front of thigh). Plus delts, for a total of 6 sites.

Like Dean said, experiment and find what works best for you. And use as small a needle as you can get away with.

I appreciate the info guys, thanks

Right now I’m running Prop and Tren ED because of the injection size and I dilute with sterile oil to reduce pain also heat oil so I 2 2cc shots ED I rotate between Vastus Lateralis, Glutes, Delts, Traps, Hips, so I reuse the same sight Every 6th day…

For injections of up to 1.0cc, I use an insulin syringe with attached 29g 0.5 inch needle.

Above 1.0cc I use a 3cc syringe with removable 25g 1 inch needle.


Check out It helped me out on my injection sites. It even has pic to walk you through it.

I just write down on a calendar what has been injected and when and make sure not to hit any site more ofter then once a week. Then you can kind of coordinate injections around muscle groups being worked. That is with suspension 2-3x daily. Sites used are, outer quad, inner quad, hip, glute am & pm, lat, delt, trap, bi, tri. If you are doing eod, glute, hip,quad and delt give you more than enough and imo are the least painful.