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Propionate Clearance

I’m curious if anyone here has any good in-depth info on test propionate clearance time. Also how long is it detectable given the various methods of testing.

Clears in 2-3 days after use

[quote]Mr. Shoulders wrote:
Clears in 2-3 days after use[/quote]

Half-life of prop is 4 days. Hardly time to clear the system in 2-3.

I thought you were here to help?

According to an article at Meso-RX, it takes 1 to 1.5 months for prop to clear the system and pass a drug test.

Due to Testosterone Propionate possessing a brief active-life of 2-3 days, many athletes involved in tested competitions like it. Testing is usually based upon testosterone/Epitestosterone levels. Though most individuals have a much lower ratio, athletes can have natural ratios up tp 6:1. This is considered a negative test for steroids…usually.

By injecting Propionate up to 36 hours before competition, plasma Testosterone levels remain elevated while urine concentrations usually fall within the 6:1 levels. Of course IOC testing protocols would detect any plant origin AAS today but several groups still simply test for the ratio only

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