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Propinate Stack

I’m a reborn newby. Haven’t cycled for a couple of years, and started a stack of eq, test en, and test prop. The injection site of the prop is irritating the shit out of me. This is my first time with prop, and I hear its normal, but to what extent, and will my body become accostom to it? Any input would be appreciated.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Oh yeah, one tip that I heard of is to run your loaded syringe under a stream of hot water for a couple of minutes. Seemed to work on the occasions I tried it…


Works well. Another essential is to cut the prop with oil or even better what ever else it is you are cycling. I mostly cut at a ration of 2:1 and that seems to help immensely.

Also only aim for the big areas. I only inject in ventro glutes and glutes. Occasionally if I am feeling brave I will risk the quads. I hated prop at first but now its my favourite.

Thanks fellas I appreciate the input. I tried running it under hot water this morning, and I put it in my quad. It doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much, but I didn’t think it was so bad last time either…at first. We’ll see how my run goes this evening…

It also depends on the type of Prop you have. You need to watch out for some of that underground stuff. Some UG labs use a ton of alcohol to dissolve that shit.

Generally, most people find Prop to be irritating in some way. The propionate ester is very acidic compared to other longer acting esters (which have more fatty acids in their chains). Some people can tolerate it, others don’t feel a thing, while a few out there feel like they’ve been kicked by a mule. The best thing to do is to cut it with other gear. Good luck.

It’s qv prop 100. And it feels less like being kicked by a mule and more like being hit with a baseball bat…so I guess that’s a plus. And I am cutting it with the eq by anabolic bd, and or the enenthate by qv. I think I’m pretty set, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t shooting some bullshit in my body…so if it hurts I’m set. Love the way the shit makes me feel though, so I can deal with a baseball bat every couple of days.

I spot injected 1.5 cc’s of prop in my bi’s the last 2 days. Not very “comfortable” but it looks sick.

[quote]Wideguy wrote:
I spot injected 1.5 cc’s of prop in my bi’s the last 2 days. Not very “comfortable” but it looks sick.[/quote]

LOL Are you going for that Greg Valentino look Wideguy?