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Prophecy Minister Has Passed

I didn’t agree with everything he said, but he did
raise many eyebrows and I learned a lot from him anyway.

“The Seduction of Christianity” was one of my favorite books very early on in my walk with the Jesus.

Hunt was as far away from me as it’s possible to get while still being within orthodoxy. We disagreed about EVERYTHING it’s possible to disagree on while still being brothers in Christ.

We did however have common foes (not just Catholicism) that he spent his life fighting for the purity of the gospel. He is with the Lord.

You’ll have to forgive me but i have a very keen sense of skepticism about anyone called “the prohpecy minister”. Actually, knowing that was a nickname doesnt particularly bother me; i should say i have a very keen sense of skepticism about anyone who writes authoritatively on the End Times, as though they saw all the signs and could tell you how it was going to happen. However i dont know very much about Hunt so i cannot say i have him pegged completely. I am aware of the Seduction of Christianity, and his Berean movement (we had a room in my church growing up called “the Berean Room” for a reason). Both of those things are more to his credit along with his social work (in the broad sense)

He wasn’t any worse than Hal Lindsey or a dozen other guys who were goofy on end times stuff. Hunt was also a RABID anti Calvinist for which he was soundly spanked by guys like Jim White. He wasn’t a particularly competent exegete or expositor, but he did uphold the generally orthodox gospel (Chris Duncan is gonna pound me for that) and did also sound the alarm on several legitimately dangerous heresies. His dispensational framework colored everything he saw though as it always does.

Frameworks have a way of doing that.

Hal Lindsey is also falling under that category for me, as are the other dozen or so people (most of whom i believe i would recognize although you probably can get me on more than a couple of them).

End times are best left…well, at the end. To conjecture, at least as far as authors speaking or teaching on subjects in a public forum anyway. Discussion is always interesting as are the viewpoints ppl have, so that’s bot really what i am talking about. I find those discussions fascinating personally.

But then again as i said his work with the Bereans and other writings (and criticism of calvinism haha) are to his credit along with his missionary work.