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Properly Seating a Bench Shirt

So today I hopped in my Metal Bash (multi) shirt and simply couldn’t get it seated in at all in my armpit. I used it three weeks ago and benched 470 for a pr but today I had trouble hitting 420. I think I need to stretch the arms out in order to be able to pull it farther into my armpits. This isn’t a new shirt either, it was tight the last time but not so that I couldn’t seat it. I was wondering if a lb or two of water weight could screw me up that bad? When is it time for a new shirt?

Make sure you’re using shirt slippers or plastic bags or lots of baby powder to get it set first.

Secondly some videos could help.

It’s time for a new shit when all the yanking, cranking, jacking and tweaking gets you nothing.

I don’t really like the bash, I really like the metal jack pro shirt. It’s very forgiving but also able to be manipulated into some sweet prs.

You can try stretching the sleeves by inflating with footballs, that’s what I’m currently doing to mine.

I might stretch the sleeves a bit, and this helped alot