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Proper way to do deadlifts and squats??

Found an interesting article the other day in the search column.

10 ways to improve your deadlift or something like that. After reading it, I started to doubt my technique. After all I just learned from looking @ some pics. Same goes for squats.

I did several searchs on the internet and on this site. All are somewhat similiar but they pretty much all contradict themselves? Can anyone point me in the right direction? A short video clip would be BEST!!! For both deads and squats.

Thanks in advance brothers

I’m not sure how the descriptions of the exercises would contradict themselves, but video clips can be found at infinityfitness.

http://exrx.net/ WeightExercises/GluteusMaximus/ BBDeadlift.html

Take that and add tate’s pointers

Last week someone mentioned Exrx.com. Great site and it has what your looking for. Hope that helps.

Fred Hatfield has a very good article describing the different types of squats at his site: drsquat.com–I may not know diddley, but I know squat!

Basically, the two major versions of squats are Olympic and Powerlifting squats:
Olympic squats – start the movement by bending the knees, sit down and go as deep as your flexbility allows you to, puts more stress on the knees, works the quads more.
Powerlifting squats – start the movement by pushing you butt backwards, sit back and descend still your hips are parallel with your knees, puts more stress on the back, works the hamstrings, hips, and lower back more.

As for deadlifting, if the article that you are referring to is by Dave Tate, I would suggest sticking to his advice over others.