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Proper Way to Discontinue TRT


I am male, 62 years old and in very good physical condition. I have had ED and excess belly and pectoral fat for about 7 years and after extensive reading in this forum determined that I was probably estrogen dominant. About a month ago we moved back to our home in Thailand for 3 months so I had easy access to meds and lab work. I got a blood test the results of which was:

TT 700
FT 5
E2 59
PSA 1.3

I went down to the local pharmacy and picked up:

anastrol 1mg tabs to control excess E2
Depo-test 250/1ml Enanthate

On the way out with my meds I jokingly told the pharmacist "Too bad you can't get me any HGH"

His answer was "What brand do you want?"

So, I left with a month supply of Unitropin as well.

My initial concept was to do only the Anastrol to try and prevent the aromatization of my TT into E2.
After a week of .25mg per day of Anastrol I didn't notice any improvement so I added 50mg EOD day of Test and 250iu EOD of HCG I also increased the Anastrol to .5mg EOD. A week of this cured the ED problem also my mental and emotional function has improved exponentially.

I have been on this protocol for 2 weeks and it is working very well for me however I would like to discontinue using the Test and HCG and go back to Anastrol only to see if I can rely on my natural test production by itself. At least now I know that if I can get my E2 down to about 22 and my FT up into around 15-20 I should be good to go for a few more years before needing to go back to injections of Test. I plan to continue injecting 4iu of HGH for the next couple of months as it is relatively inexpensive and accessible over here.

What would be a good protocol for coming off of the test and HCG at this point so as to have a smooth transition back to normal Test production?


sorry... I just can't get past the fact that you started taking 50mg EOD of testosterone when your original Total Testosterone levels were already at 700. plus self treating with HGH with no apparent blood tests prior to treatment or apparent medical advice to treat a specific medical condition. plus no talk about exploring any other issues that could be causing your low free T, like thyroid, cortisol, SHBG, ferritin, etc. etc. etc.

I just don't what to say besides I wish you the best of luck and I hope it all works out for you.

(and I strongly advise that you read through every sticky here at least twice).


In all likelyhood, 2 weeks of test injections have not shut down your HPTA to any extent that a PCT protocol would be warranted. If you are concerned, a PCT regimen of 20 mg/day of Nolvadex (Tamixofen) for 4 weeks should ensure your T levels are restored.


Thanks pcdude, this is what I thought. I'll continue with a couple more hcg injections while stopping the test for the next couple of injections to let most of the test clear out of my body then maybe a couple of taper injections of test 10-20 mg then nolvadex for 4 weeks with no test or hcg injections. I'll do Anastrol with the nolvadex to keep E2 from getting out of hand. Should I taper the nolvadex after the first week?

Purechance: Thank you for your concern. Yes, you are right I was an idiot to mess with what was basically an anabolic cycle rather than pursuing a conventional TRT testing and adjustment regime. As soon as my base line has normalized I will get new blood work and get things sorted out in a proper fashion. As for the HGH most people would be amazed that I waited until I was 62 to start it. I do not know if it is the test or the HGH or both working together but for the first time in 10 years my shoulders are pain free during and after work outs and I get a solid 8 hours of sleep instead of waking up 3-4 times during the night. This morning I was up at 6 am with more energy than I have ever had. Can't wait to get down to the gym and do deadlifts and squats.


Here's how you discontinue.

You stop taking the medication.

Am I a genius or what?


Brick, As always, you be da man! I myself have too much German genetic material and tend to over complicate maters.


Your labs are useless without units and ranges....we had a guy from Thailand on here a few months ago that had a high E2 reading, but didn't give the units....turns he was using international units (pmol/L) instead of US units (pg/mL)....

22 pg/mL is what you want, and this is not equal to 22 pmol/L...and anyone that can't figure out the difference has no business thinking about self medicating (this may or may not apply to you, but the fact that you chose to take low dose test when your T levels were already good makes me doubtful)


This lab uses the American system ng/dl and pg/ml


I just have to say that you are showing incredible self restraint which is admirable (and very unusual), and are making me realize that I could have phrased my original thoughts in a more helpful manner. I apologize for my original tone.

That being said once you get your next round of tests (please check out the blood test sticky first) come back and post the results and we'll help you dissect them.